Player hold me for 30 minutes in Camp exploit

Player: M Rei
From: Devaloka

This player “M Rei” using exploit of camp to hold me and another player for not finishing the quests.

This movie show some of this:


Hey there @EKRONM. Welcome to the forums! This is a frustrating and time-consuming bug. Please rest assured that I have passed this bug on to our Development team.

In the meantime, please report any players abusing this bug here: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

Not just him, several other players in the same company and faction are running around doing this with everyone on our server, one or two of them sometimes stay with the PVP off so they can’t be hurt and just run after people that are fighting locking them on camps.

I really hope that people that were caught doing that and reported will get some kind of punishment since we already saw people getting punished for a lot less, like pvping with lower-level characters or just for being reported without cause (e.g. for looking for an item on the chat).

A possible more immediate fix for this would be to disable the Brightwood fort bonus for the time-being


These people should get a perma ban, stop giving players like this 24h breaks!


I’m really discouraged, not because of the bugs of the updates, but because of the lack of punishment to the players who benefit from these bugs to harm the game of those who play fair.

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A polícia pegou em !!!

owooooo nice video my friend, i told u i would be here to like my report

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deservers a timeout, atleast 1 day.

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Not really a bug when AGS designed it that way with zero thought of how it could exploited.

Either remove the insta-cast portion of the tent or replace it with a small buff when in the area of the tent.

AGS really needs to do a better job of thinking about WHAT their systems could be exploited for. This isn’t even close to the top ten things they’ve let slip through the cracks.

Uploading: Sem título.png…
the owner of the post just trapped me in a tent, he’s taking advantage of the exploit

The fact that you call it a “bug” is an insulting understatement of this EXPLOIT that has been REPEATEDLY reported on the forums.
The player was held for THIRTY MINUTES.

Kindly show us PROOF OF BANS for this exploit.

Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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When you accuse someone you must prove it, I posted three videos of your friend using an exploit, and you sent a link that doesn’t exist… Do you know that accusing someone without evidence is a crime!

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