Player name (in game)

Hello all,

Just curious if there is someone I am able to contact about my in-game name getting messed up due unknown error.

Let me explain. When I was at the character creation “name character” section. I typed in “Der Bestientöter” (On my keyboard I hit alt+0246 to get the German O). On the player creation scream it spelled the name correctly with ö. So I thought to myself awesome, never knew I could input German letters using my keyboard. Butttttttt heres the problem. Once loaded into the game it fucked my name up. It changed the ö to C6, thus the name reads BestientC6ter.

Is there anyone I can contact to allow me to just change the “C6” to a regular O?

This issue exist on almost all special characters and we still have no answer about if they’re gonna get it fixed or they will let us change the name or we have to delete and recreate. An answer would be nice.


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