Player PVP Bot Farming (El Darado)

Was walking out to try and level my mining and seen a flagged player harvesting young wood.
My first thought is why harvest this as a 60? I am lvl 35 and have tons of that crap.

So I watched the actions for a bit and noticed it was more like it was scripted movement.
So I followed him, when I attacked this bot it tried to fight back then stops to harvest another young tree on the way to me.

The bot uses that aim bot program by the way it throws and locks onto you so I called in help, me and another player killed the bot. After it died the player took over and came back out after my help left. II have the recording of the actual player fighting and its much more active than this bots combat tactics.

So now, we legit players have to struggle and pay insane travel costs and taxes while this faction takes over the map and makes ungodly revenue. The bots need banned and El Darado needs a server wipe.

→ Player Named : Agua Man
→ Server: El Darado
→ Reported Actions: Bot use, Violation of TOS and EULA
– Player is not the only one ive found but ive only just now started streaming all of these on twitch

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I’m not going to speak to bots, bots are clearly a problem.

But you very much need wood at level 60. Much like all the other low level mats.

You do, but you watch that and tell me thats not a bot lol

If they came back, maybe a macro (which isn’t much better), but not all 60s gathering wood/low level mats are bots XD

  1. Highly unlikely that is a bot. I also play on El Dorado. Not once, have I ever seen a bot flag up.
  2. I also farm low-level areas on occasion just so I am not bothered by constant aggro.
  3. That isn’t an aimbot. It’s the badly design honing mechanic.
  4. He is also a counsul in a company. They aren’t that clever to fool people.

The bots need banned

I do agree with you here, but the time in which a ban occurs is absurdly long. I still have bots on my block list logging in, even after reporting them over and over for over a month.

The ship has sailed on any server wipe. Sailed a long long long time ago.

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