Player server tokens and world moves. Please FREE us!

Many of us have been waiting to link back up with players on different worlds and in different regions. Can you please allow for region moves and not just world moves within the same regions? Many of us move around a lot and the ability to switch regions, i.e. from a east coast to west coast server would benefit our gameplay and in -game social experiences greatly. Are regional moves a possibility or a future consideration? Thanks in advance, Greysmoke


I see we have been given player tokens that only allow us to change worlds within our “original” regions, are there any future plans to improve on this. Will we be able to eventually play our mains in any region?

i also want to switch to a different region. i used to play with friends on the us east and they not playing anymore so i wanna switch to EU now

It was a big thing in the beginning that the servers were so overwhelmed with new players many did not wanna wait the 5 to 7hrs for que times to just get booted from lag on the server. We were told at some point there would be transfer tokens so that we could rejoin with other players that did not wanna waste half day in those ques… With servers merging we are starting to see high amounts of lag and even small que times yet again and still no sign of what was promised of being able to transfer to another server. These restrictions saying that you cannot allow people to transfer from one region to another because of database does not make sense. You restricted the name of the characters across regions why not allow or even charge for a cross region transfer.

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