Player using hack ! video proof

A bot player can level infinitely while this AFK, he persists on my server. could analyze and ban it please.
I’m on the SA Taparloka server
So the lines are not in Portuguese but just analyze the behavior of the Ownnz player can be seen the macro / script working


A lot of player involved in this guild are using exploits, bugs and bots to achieve a higher level than others. Completely unfair.

I’m starting to not believe in Amazon anymore, there’s an entire clan that’s up to 60 like that and you guys don’t take any action even with the guy on the video with all the necessary evidence

Hello all:

Thank you for the report. Our Dev team is aware for those players cheating. We already are taking care if it. Any time you see something like that, please feel free to report the player using the in game features or outside game
at Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

We cannot share the actions we are taking, but we are taking actions.

Thank you so much for your patience and helping us during this launch.

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