Players abusing "Mass Report" to ban their enemy guild/faction


My company is syndicate and we have been putting territories in conflict, which somehow offended the green company who owns the territory. They have abused the mass report on my own guild mates when they have said NOTHING but “meow” and selling their in game items in global chat. Thousands of player post their item on global chat so its easier to sell their item. We have scheduled war today at 7 pm, seems like this green company is just abusing the mass report because they are not a fan of our company putting their territories in conflict. I hope that the devs can fix this problem, putting territory in conflict is not against Terms of Services. Wars are not against Terms of Services. This is a PVP/PVE game. Wars are how people get better doing PVP. Mass reports are used to actually report a bot, not just out of spite because the people reporting does not want their territory being contested.


It’s been going on since launch, probably since beta, and yet this is the one issue AGS seems adamant to cover up. They refuse to admit there’s just onesided weaponizing, they refuse to admit it’s being used to deny people a chance to defend their claim…

If there are no Code of Conduct violations then it shouldn’t matter how many reports they received. A human moderator reviews the reports and makes the decisions on how to suspend or ban based on the behavior. There certainly are cases of human error, and you should appeal those.
Typically what happens is two rival groups bait each other into violations then report each other, the volume of votes means it moves up the queue for review, but does not impact the moderation decision.
Another point of confusion is that the notice of ban is too vague, so you might not realize it was for something you did hours earlier or something that in the heat of the moment you forgot you said/did.


What gets a lot of people caught up is banter where someone baits you to say something inappropriate.

Once you say that one thing and they mass report it then that’s a legitimate ban. Best thing you can do is ignore toxic players and don’t lower yourself to their level.


Why not move the entire process to a more adult oriented approach. Place the responsibility on the player who is offended by “mean words” and advise them to use the block button.

Just because one person is offended by “mean words” whatever that means is different to everyone, doesn’t mean everyone will be offended. People have a right to talk about what they want, when they want. Obviously there is basic or common sense decorum expected by everyone but where is the personal responsibility for the “victims” to learn to use the block button as opposed to using AGS as the vehicle to completely burn down another person’s account for good?

Is there a financial kickback or something for each one because there a LOT of those.


Don’t get baited into saying bannable things. I highly recommend you just leave VC and General chat disabled.

Stick to faction/company.

Regardless of existence of the block feature, why shouldn’t action be taken against someone who has violated the ToU?

Though I would say adding temporary mutes is a better option than bans.

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Bingo. For me it’s a two-stage process every time.

A) Report the violation
B) Block the irritant

No reason abusers should walk free. People need to review their Aquinas and Augustine. In many cases inaction is the immoral course.


I do think to the latter point that actioned players should be sent the excerpt that determined their actioning. Otherwise, they-- and importantly, all of us-- haven’t got a clue what it is they found problematic about that player (and what others may end up doing one way or another).

I in no way intend to debate what is and isn’t actionable, but if a player was deemed to be worthy of action… they need to know why, even if it was hours or even days prior.

Otherwise, it seems like bans get handed out because it’s more convenient to ban and say “eh trust us, ya blew it” than it is to manually review these cases.

Same, and I agree.

Though I wish when you report someone for such things it automatically added them to block. But I’m just lazy.

At least for spam…

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Because this means the person using ‘mean words’, which can be anything from an insult, to racism, to telling someone to kill themselves or death threats, is never punished.

At least here in the USA, a game server is like a privately-owned business or a house, the owners can tell you to GTFO for being insulting. You have 0 rights to ‘say what you want’ in a privately-owned property.
And servers count as privately owned; owned by the people running them, or the business renting them.

Source: I was an admin for a large gaming clan when TF2 was huge. The amount of people who threated to sue because ‘my freedom if speech!’ when they were banned for death threats or racism, meant the admins onboarding/training was teaching us that such threats were utter bunk. We basically had to know the rights & how they applied to the game servers we owned/rented.

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I agree that a person has a personal responsibility to not purposefully call people names or insult them in anyway, however 2 players could be friends and joking around. Maybe they know each other in real life and a 3rd person sees an insult and reports it. That’s a problem. It’s been happening too often.

This is the first game EVER that I’ve played where I am literally afraid to use the chat box. You have to walk on eggshells. It’s tragic.

Your idea to bar someone from chat for a period of time (only global, help, DMs maybe) but allow them to speak with their faction and company for a few days would be a much better solution, still ridiculous but better than the process now.

I get that you think that. I also understand why you think that. Debating this with someone that has taken this position is a fruitless endeavor. It’s definitely a huge issue that needs to be rectified but other aspects of society have to be unwound back to 15 years first.

We’re working on that.

I wish you nothing but best. I hope you have a fantastic day.

I can see that, but the best thing is to save those for DMs.

Amazon isn’t going to play a massive detective role, they will review what was reported and see if it matches what can be seen as offensive.

Majority of other top games (at least in the MMO industry) follow the same ruleset Amazon does. I’m surprised this is new to you. In WoW I can literally force an automatic mute on someone in 5 minutes which typically gets reviewed and upheld.

You have a great point AGS should NOT play a detective role at all. In fact their involvement should end with the ToS

“there is no moderation, online game may contain content NSFW, suitable for minors, you acknowledge blah blah”

My experience in WoW was vastly different than yours. You can say anything at all to anyone, at least for the 7 years I played and none of the players I was with received any bans or suspensions. Maybe it’s a server / culture thing. I don’t know.

However, in light the recent woke / go broke activism taking place at Blizzard, I imagine they’ve turn on every single ban hammer and alert known to man to ensure that nothing is the same as it was. Also Tragic.

Are you kidding, what about all the snowflakes who get offended because you tell them they suck, and then they shit talk the whole match just to end up ranked last and tell everyone to mass report you for abusive language. I’ve been banned twice this way. They have to cater to the snowflakes. I mean, getting good, facts over feelings, the horror.

The solution is this…

who cares what they say. they’re just words. block them if those words have the power to control your emotions. Then after you block them, continue living your life.

That’s how the world works.

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No, Amazon should continue to enforce the ToU, and aim at removing toxicity from the game.

This isn’t going to change, I will bet all my gold on it.

Perhaps play a different game that doesn’t have a ToS that actions poor behavior? Wow certainly isn’t one of them, you can review their ToS as well.

Can you show me a AAA game that doesn’t penalize for toxic behavior? I’m rather curious to read their ToS.

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2 players could be friends and joking around - but in doing so in global chat (or any larger public medium beyond the 2 of you) you’re innately accepting the risk of others not knowing you’re joking or being aware. It’s not different than being in any other public setting.

Wanted to comment on that specific point you made because under your logic if I threw out a bunch of racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive slurs as a ‘joke’ to some friend in global chat, you’re saying “that’s a problem” that I’d be reported (like, what?!?). “Just joking around” doesn’t excuse otherwise unacceptable behavior.

In all things, joking or not, should be respectful of others - including the person you’re joking with (even if it wasn’t a public forum). That’s called just being a mature human being in our society.

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You punish people for bad behavior. You don’t ignore them and hope it goes away.

@_Krighton Imagine you have a kid, and your kid learns a racist word. Do you just pretend your kid is not screaming it at other people?
Or teach them that with bad behavior comes punishments?

This idea of ‘We just ignore bad words because punishments are unfair’ is why so many edgelords scream 'Snowflake!" when they get timed out/banned for death threats and racism; no one ever taught them that bad behavior carries repercussions.
So now they think they’re allowed to say whatever they want, and it’s everyone else’s fault if they get offended.

And this literally proves my point. ‘Why am I punished for people getting offended by the words I chose because they are offensive?’