Players are very toxic

It’s just something common in this game but today was too much, I tried to complete my first run of an expedition to end up insulted and blamed of everything because I didn’t know a mechanic, instead of telling me what to do they just mocked me like it was an American movie and made jokes about me, even used the n word on me (???), I made them wipe 1 time on 2 different bosses, the tank and the dps made us die 4 times and the healer pulled the boss and got us killed 2 times, but of course… we’ll pick on the guy that didn’t know the mechanic on the first try and just died once to learn them, yet he kept dying and I had to res him a couple of times, I didn’t get downed a single time on the boss fights.

I cannot seem to find a way to enjoy this game without being insulted for not knowing a secret mechanic, how the fuck am I supposed to learn? Sit and watch videos? I feel fucking nervous of trying something I didn’t watch 4h of footage now, because maybe I’ll get insulted or literally bullied.

By the way, they kicked me from the group before asking me to get the fuck out of the group, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to use the words they said on voice chat.

I’m done with this shit, I’ve never been this demotivated before, I don’t think this community can be fixed, somehow this game has attracted very toxic players and mindsets, the worse of the worse.


It’s a … race to everything in this game, if you slow them down a bit they wet their pants. Don’t be be discouraged, a good company is what you need.


Sorry that happened. Hope you really don’t give up on the game cause of a few a-holes. Some people are just rotten.


The community in new world is one of the worst. Sorry you have experienced this


If I play an expedition with a new player who makes a mistake, I try to explain as we go, or wait until after the dungeon is over to tell them how they could have done things slightly better. But other players don’t want to stop and explain, so it is hard to get advice in before things go downhill. And it is impossible to know who is new until they start following less good strategies. But I try.




Sorry you had such a bad experience. People are shitty unfortunately. Finding a good company is the single best thing anyone can do in this game. Running with a chill company is literally second to none. I know I would never treat my company mates like that. It’s all about teaching people the mechanics and not blaming any single person for anything. It’s a team effort. We all here to escape at times, no need to deal with that kinda stuff. Love each other and have fun doing shenanigans. That is all.


There are good players that will help new people along the way. Don’t feel obligated to stay in an expedition with toxic people and just leave. Find a good company that you can run with. Also, don’t join expeditions that say speed run. Those tend to be full of players that don’t want to teach new people the mechanics.


You need to find a nice company or small streamer community where the experienced players run through the mechanics with you.

It IS frustrating when players don’t know the mechanics and don’t communicate, but it doesn’t excuse their toxic behaviour. It sounds like the group might have been underpowered and they weren’t good at self-reflection so blamed you.

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I think that is honestly what makes or breaks a person in any game. If your first instinct is to blame someone else then you will just never become a good player or never will improve and reach your first potential. Sometimes it really is one person that is breaking a run but the better way to go about it is asking yourself, how can I play around this? How can I work with what we have? How can I communicate better?

I know people do not consider it skill to help teach others mechanics but if you compare a team that does and another that doesnt. The one that did actually finished the expedition. Even if some will not call that “technical skill” they still failed an expedition. People gotta step it up.

That is the whole, selfish argument of course. The other side is just, dont be a terrible person to other human beings. But even if that is not the obvious approach. They are objectively worse players for not communicating better. It also prevents people from being rigid and only performing optimally under very narrow conditions. A good player is flexible and knows how to handle multiple situations, not the optimized situation when other people are carrying you through a dungeon.

Totally not directed at you haha, your post just reminded me to get on a soap box haha. Feel free to ignore me. You gave some really good advise.


Sorry to hear that. If you are on Ygg feel free to drop your name. You’re welcome to tag along with me and a few buddies so you can learn the mechanics of expeditions without getting yelled at.

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Now with the turkey event its even worse. I kinda revealed the spawnpattern for turkelon for the day in chat. And I got shit on just for helping others because some people want to keep everything for themselves. Maybe its the way the game is set up. Maybe we are just all getting bitter with the stuff in the world going on :stuck_out_tongue:

Find a few nice people. Be nice back. I usually bump into a few nice player every day who exchange friendship invites right away after a nice conversation or helping eachother. So yeah report any really toxic chat messages and try to stay clear of the rotten apples.


Feel sorry, but this Game is full with stupid people Who thinks they know everithing about the game and think they are the greatest. If you are on Nysa feel free to share your name and i Will join to you and help you with any content you.need to do.

Thanks of god not everyone is like those ‘people’. And great players are doing pubgs and teach you the mecanics you dont know.

Sorry. Im a bad english speaker


This sort of thing is why SOLO MODES are so important.
There is so little quality in players these days that increasingly it’s simply better – and more satisfying anyway – to do things solo and have the achievement 100% yours.

And yes, learning mechanics nowadays – the attitude of people is really so stupid. Instead of playing the game, they first watch someone playing the game and basically get a spoiler about what to do. Like instead of solving a puzzle you just look up the answer but still claim you “did the puzzle”.


This is exactly why I stopped playing anything through a group finder. Everyone expects you to already know everything and will blame you to death, if you don’t. But hey, it’s like you have to spoil yourself a movie in order to watch it. I’m not going to do that anymore. Unfortunately, that means I will not get into certain content, or at least, get into it later.

It’s not that it really bothers me, but I’m so sick of these kind of attitude. So I play all group content only with friends and buddies. And if no one is available, I will wait.

But well, this is no particular problem of NW. I have had this experience in a bunch of games. Everyone seems to make a sport out of it, though it should be a game. I don’t know.

OP they were probably just as frustrated as you were. They just vented.

Did you tell them it was your first time in Expedition before you started? Because if you say nothing everyone just assumes you know what to do.

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Since my company broke up, I have been playing by myself and end up doing PUGs for expeditions/mutations. For my first Ennead run I intermittently searched until a group came up with the name “learning group” You can search for something similar where there are people trying to learn like you or make your group with a similar descriptor. It took us a few tries on the end boss, but no one complained and everyone was nice.


Later isnt that bad :wink: u earn nothing for being the first :slight_smile:

there are stupid ppl everywhere, just ignore them. You play the game to have fun, dont let stupid a-holes ruin ur fun


Take a deep breath, block them, and good riddance. Don’t let some toxic dudes screw your whole experience. The same can also happen in Muts because some people take anything but Gold a serious offense against all that is divine and holy and then became memeraged behind the PC.

There are good folks out there. Join a healthy company and/or befriend the nice players. Try to learn how to use the Lobby and create one yourself with self explanatory words.

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You should play League of Legend, no toxicity there. :thinking: