Players are very toxic

This is simply the Dunner-Kruger effect. Just ignore them.

I got told I was terrible in 3v3 by both team members yesterday when i had 150k damage, 3 kill when they had 15k damage each and 6 kills combined.

I laughed and moved on.

You’re fine, @Greed . I said I wasn’t calling you out and I meant it. I was just talking about the general, overall, attitude of the internet matching your comment is all.

I have 100% zero problem with either you or what you said. If anything, I was just taking a part of it and building off :slight_smile:

Dunning-Kruger, yes :smiley:

I was in a 3v3 recently where one of the people on my team was just NOT good. Didn’t bother “me” any due to I was just focused on trying to get my Gypsum so I didn’t really care. I mean… I only do two 3v3’s a day for Gypsum and I’m done anyways (mostly due to what I’m about to say) but the OTHER guy in my group was apparently a DIEHARD (or a tryhard?) player and they said, in area, “xxx sux at life. He should just delete his toon and kill himself already”.

I mean… Ok… Trashtalking is one thing but (and maybe it’s just me) I find that comment VERY offensive and not acceptable.

How dare you people get all highbrow on a lowbrow forum discussion? Omgawdz!

Kidding, of course :slight_smile:

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I know how you feel. Im not super smart gaming wise. That’s why i end up playing solo

I mean there are videos and written guides out there that do a very succinct and quick overview of important expedition mechanics. People have limited dungeon runs. You going in blind isn’t fair to them.

kaaay1, I’m sorry you’ve had these experiences.
I’ve been playing MMOS (WoW, Guild Wars, LotRO, SWtOR) for many years and was surprised/a little shocked to observe the consistent trolling bullying in New World of players in chat as well as out in world exploration.
I have muted most chats as reporting players seems to accomplish nothing. Moreover, I now run with the title ‘only plays solo’ and have the in world chats muted more often than not. This has allowed me to enjoy the game itself which is far and above any MMO I’ve played in all other concepts.
I’m not sure why exactly Amazon bothers to have a Code of Conduct. It literally does nothing but promote a pipe dream of positivity and is as best a satire of the reality of accepted player behavior.

I am really sorry this happened to you, as others have said, please let the group know upon entering if it is your first time. For the most part if you let them know in advance most people will explain (most, not all).

This community is not immune by no means to this type of toxicity, and many if not all games I have played in the past have this type of issue. It is sad because we all just want to have fun playing a game we love and behavior like this can ruin the experience for anyone.

I hope that your future expedition runs will go much more smoothly.

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That doesn’t make it acceptable. Being civil isn’t that hard for rational, decent people.

I love this post.

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I personally prefer the ability to either play solo or with others should I elect to undertake an Expedition. Duality is possible, rather than one or the other player modalities.

If you prefer playing solo there is a genre called “singleplayer”.
MMO is all about playing with others for a reason.

Ummmm no. Venting doesnt involve using racist obscenities. People who use words like that are pure evil.

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They certainely shouldn’t of treated you that way however, if you join a group you should know the mechanics before you join OR you should very up front about not knowing the mechanics. If you did that then for sure these individuals are the unforunate trash of the community. However, if you didn’t warn you group you didn’t know the fights and you just plowed ahead you need to take ownership to a degree for your actions. Part of your responsibility is spending time learning the mechanics of expeditions on your own time before you step into an instance with a group where your expected to know them. Regular or otherwise.

Go watch some videos and see what your getting into.

If you warn groups when they are forming 90% of the folks are more than willing to slow it down and explain stuff before hand. It’s the tagging along saying nothing and then being dead weight because you don’t know the mechanics and put on like you did that often gets you talked down to in PUGs.

Nah. Not on me. I don’t feel like EVERY match having to go into options to mute players. I prefer peaceful games.

You must be one of the toxic players because trying to say it is on me for toxic players says it all.

So when you ran Depths, you knew to handle the archduke teleporter / mine situation on your first run without watching a video and with no input from other players?

I’ve had some similar issues, even being experienced. If you don’t play DPS you’re literally a target for the most pointless criticism.

I understand it as meaning that more than one player of a specific game can play that game at the same time another or others are. Nothing in the definition enforces that players must play with others. Anyhow, to each their own. Have fun playing!

Actually it does, or at least some people do. I have known countless people through my life, of all colors and creed that use racial obscenities to vent.

The problem most people have these days is thinking that someone elses definition of a word, is the same as your definition of a word.