Players are very toxic

Actually it does, or at least some people do. I have known countless people through my life, of all colors and creed that use racial obscenities to vent.

The problem most people have these days is thinking that someone elses definition of a word, is the same as your definition of a word.

It’s not just “some” though, this game is riddled with toxicity, you literally can’t get away from it.

I can not even post some of the names I have reported, the words alone would get me banned on the forums.

I would have to 2nd this. Join a gaming community discord. There are several which promote non toxic behavior across multiple games.

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Bad players are always toxic XDD
It’s usually the slightly above average who thinks he’s the shite so he has his ego attached to absolutely whatever. Weak character irl and ing.
Usually total trash compared to actually good players

NW has a lot of those, don’t get bothered by it my friend^^


I don’t know how old are you to accept such insults but at my age in real life you’d get knocked out for saying the stuff these people were saying.

Internet has allowed people like you to say things without repercussion.

Yes right on the forum to complain about players like you, I also reported them, many times, even sent the videos to support.

I don’t need anyone to babysit me, funny enough I challenged the guy who insulted me the most on a duel and he just never replied.

4 days later I can now do this dungeon with just 3 people, it’s the easiest dungeon in the game (Genesis) but apparently those expert veteran players couldn’t do it properly with me after a single wipe on each new phase.

Painfully accurate.

This is exactly what they were doing, this weird childish humour which reminds me of American bullies movies.

I play on EU, I’ve seen this weird behaviour a few times already, acting like the person you’re speaking to is a baby or enraged.

To answer your childish message, I had done the previous dungeons (LVL 25, 35, 45) easily, I am mainly a PvP player so since the other dungeons were easy and didn’t even require a tank to speed run them then I decided to jump on that dungeon, why not, it’s a casual dungeon on a random group finder, not a raid.

I didn’t know the 4 - 1 mechanic, after 1 wipe I understood both the all in and 4 - 1, I never died again on that whole boss fight while the people who insulted me did, DPS got stuck outside the ring, healer pulled trash on top of the DPS and got us killed, but no hate was directed towards them, because at least they know the mechanics!

My second wipe was at the last boss, I understood it by logic but I didn’t reach the boulder on time, took me a single wipe to understand this but they kept mocking me, after that first wipe I never died again while the Tank made us die 2 times on that same fight.

Fortunately I’ve found two great guys to play with that aren’t teenagers, been having a blast with them, we’ve done all the dungeons and none of them were even hard to get people this frustrated, so I convinced myself that I just got very unlucky to join that lobby and it could have happened to anyone.

Honestly, I think these comments come most from people who are used to being carried.

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Yep. You got unlucky. I’ve been in since groups like that, but many are more encouraging.

Similar issues in arena. I usually take the time to explain things in dms so the person needing help doesn’t feel dum or discouraged.

very true but hey heres something to make you laugh

I agree to this. Honestly if your new to an expedition great nothing wrong with that, BUT take the 3 minutes to watch a YouTube on at minimum boss fight mechanics. It’s not my job to carry people or explain when YouTube and all mighty google is right thier. And before someone goes BUT BUT immersion I don’t wanna spoil the experience… Don’t spoil mine and me explaining mechanics is literally spoiling the experience as well so watch a YouTube!

This also got flagged and hidden. Wow nw community really showing its true colors. Apparently racists are winning.

MMORPGs are group centric always have been always will be. The point of playing together is to play together. It doesn’t make any sense to support a massive multiplayer world where everyone just does their own thing. That is an aweful lot of technical overhead and expense that could be done away with and just make solo single player games if the purpose was just to happen to be in the game enviornment together and not play with others.

Many people have carved out successful fun and entertaining play in MMORPGS as casual or solo players but there is added challenge and short falls to this approach. These games are not designed with the intent to be as fulfilling for a solo player as someone taking advatange of what an MMORPG is fundamentally meant to be.

I think you underestimate how many people play solo in MMORPG’s
Much like real life, I play solo, its nice to have real people around and not animated mannequins.
I’m not saying they should bend over backwards to cater to solo players but ignoring them or gating them from content is not a wise move IMO

Again if u put on your big boi pants and did a little bit of research you could of avoided wasting others time . Sometimes the fault lie with the person not the people… And if u were so upset you came to here to post and u report people with videos tells me it’s more of a you problem with this game then an us dealing with u. I’ve played MMOs since EQ first came out and never had a real need to report anyone for behavior maybe because it’s a game and not real life get a thick skin

Partial fault is on the automated system that has a very bonkers threshold for what is offensive. There’s posts that have been up for almost a year that suddenly wake up n get flagged for the dumbest reasons.

Partial fault that the ToS isn’t exactly held to its full extent. Especially since the forums would be a ghost town if it were lol.

Much of the fault lies with people now these days having skin thinner than air vs most of us that roasted each other back in 2009 MW2 Lobbies. Technically further if we go back to Local V.S shit talking.

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As it should be if TOS was upheld.