Players can no longer post sell orders when their storage is full - I'm gonna quit over this change

Was reading patch notes. Patch notes state “Players can no longer post sell orders when their storage is full.”

I was using this feature to have all my stuff in one town. Apparently this was a bug. I find the inventory management be quite annoying already as things stand and making it even worse moves the game, in my opinion, into a category where the negatives outweighs the positives.

So, in a nutshell, it appears I’m going to quit the game over this single line in the patch notes.

Oh well - best of luck and thanx for all the fish. Been a wild 380 hour ride for me so far.


I would ask for your stuff but my shed is full


So you gonna quit cause you were exploiting a bug and can’t anymore?

People these days…


You mean from something he didn’t even realized was a bug?


The storage has 1500 space, all of sudden you have it 3000/1500.
Ofc it’s not a bug.

I doubt you have only 1 braincell, like… come on.



To be frank, I would have not lasted 380h in this game without that feature. Which, apparently, was a bug.

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Can I have your stuff?

I should have at least couple of them braincells. Got a PhD in physics by rubbing the few I have togehter.

The problem is, what floats my boat in this game is collecting stuff. When I cant collect stuff in this game then I’m not really having that much fun all the sudden.

It was a good ride and 380h is a good amount of entertainment for 40 eur, so I’m not bitter.

It’s just that there are many other games out there and with this change, they appear more appealing for me all the sudden.


You have PhD in physics and didn’t know a full storage was not supposed to recieve more stuff?

Bruh. You are making this even worse.


Hm. Probably no. For a start I have about 20 000 units of it and after todays patch we cant trade that much anymore. And it is also highly unlikely that you would be in the same server I am anyway.

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Could you perhaps point out for me the logic how was one supposed to know that this was not an intended feature of the game?

A dev comment perhaps somewhere? It being listed as a bug in some public bug tracker? No ?


It’s not that the storage is overfilled. It’s that it gets overfilled and then you can’t even list things to sell (or relist). It’s fucking stupid. So, if you go out harvesting and put a lot of stuff on the AH, you can’t go out harvesting a couple more times because if the things fail to sell, then they will overfill your storage and you just have to destroy the stuff. What about buy orders filling?

Once storage is full (or overfull) you can’t put anything in it anymore. That’s one penalty. You can make 100 sell listing on the trading post, and that is another limit. The weight better not add up to much in case they don’t sell.


Bro I agree with you that sucks that you can’t sell more stuff, since instead of fixing the bug they just prevented players from exploiting it.

The things is, OP was exploiting it and is mad that he can’t anymore, not that he can’t sell more stuff.

You have PhD in physics bro, come on, someone had to explain you the properties of matter?

Or you thought having 2 items in a 1 slot space storage (for example) was intended?

Well, it was never a bug. Anybody that has said so, including devs, is just lying. There’s no mail system so it was purposefully designed to go into storage overflow (conveniently, another system that was purposefully designed for the game, but half these idiots probably think the code created itself). It was designed that way because the alternative would be for unsold items to auto-delete.

People saying it’s a bug are liars and idiots.


I mean to be honest all you have to do is move stuff from your shed to the ground, place your desired sell orders, and pick that stuff back up again.


Well, now you did it! Just to personally annoy you I cant quit anymore!

On a more serious note, pointing out why I have decided to give up the game could be, perhaps, be informative for the few devs who happen to read these forums. Not that I expect any action over one player grandstanding in forums and declaring stuff.

I agree about it being exploited, but I think they should have solved this differently. For instance, after a certain percentage of overflow, items in the overflow should have a deletion timer that increases the more the overflow increases, then at double the storage capacity things delete within a day.

There’s no way it was a bug. It was programmed to work this way.


Or leave the item in a separate list at market for a while (some days, like 30 or something) and you have to pick it up before it expires.
I played some games that were like this (tree of savior for example).

So you can not point the relevant information online that should have given a clear signal that overfilling town storage with buy/sell orders was not an intended design decision?

This is a computer game which I do not expect to follow the same rules of nature the reality does. For example, gutting fish in this game increases their mass. I am not greatly annoyed by this. This is a game.

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