Players can no longer post sell orders when their storage is full - I'm gonna quit over this change

Sorry, but this excuse can be used for every exploit.
Devs can’t foresight every bug, players eventually find it and exploiting is their choice…

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I’m just frustrated with some of the decisions the devs are making. Not all, but some. They’re making decisions like they don’t actually play the game. Or doing stuff such as removing money from fishing boxes because of bots (punishing all legit players) instead of handling bots. Shutting down the trade houses, but keeping rent and such going. It’s like they aren’t stopping to think about decisions and it’s turning people away.


Exactly, we are being punished instead of getting a game that actually works.

My only problem with this exact thread is that it’s not about how devs handled it, it’s just that the very guy can’t overfill his storage anymore and is sad about it, like what?

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But, this couldn’t be a bug. They programmed the overflow element into the game. It’s working exactly as it was designed to, and they decided they don’t like it (for whatever reason).

[Edit: let me back up a bit since I’m so annoyed with it all lol. It “could” be a bug, but I fail to see how it could be. I don’t understand what alternatives they expected when designing this part of the game. I mean, auctions and mail have been part of mmo games for a long time. Then again, so has programming heads not to clip through hoods, so … who knows lol?]

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The “mailbox” system would have also solved the issue indeed.

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Not sure if this matters but isn’t Trading post linked now, just go to other towns and use the storage ?

But holy shit Jess is funny as fuck, you just abused a PHD of whatever.

There are lots of ways of solving it, but for most of bugs we encountered, punishing the playerbase was always a solution.

Which makes no sense.


well i got 4k of 2.3k space weihht in everfall
because of my buy order not realy much of a bug is it

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If I had a warehouse and bought more than it’s capable of storing, truck drivers (that have a schedule) would just leave it in the ground and leave.

True, so do they expect people to run/walk/teleport to every damn town to sell green wood and charcoal? And talk about a barrier to entry, the lowbies that can’t even get a second bag slot for quite a while (and not even good bags) have considerably less weight, storage capacity, and quick ways to get azoth.

They’re designing these systems like a friggin mobile game intent on impeding progress unless you buy the special stuff from the store. I’ll almost guarantee they add in azoth purchasing later on.


Gotta make that money

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I think most of us know something like that is coming. OR, it was designed with it in mind at least.


It’s a bug fix.

You are no longer able to exceed the storage capacity.

Many people have been knowingly exploiting a bug with the trading post that allowed them to exceed their capacity by orders of magnitude and that was never intended.

You’re still able to do this. Expired sell orders and completed buy orders will still ignore your storage limits.

Could you point out where it was acknowledged by the devs as a bug or unintended feature before today’s patch notes perhaps?

Given that the way it was implemented left an impression that this is a deliberate design choice to avoid deleting items when trades expire if your storage is full.

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In theory, yes. In practice I cant afford the market fees to push about 20 000 units of stuff every time I have collected enough hemp to want to add some to the pile.

if your storage capacity indicator being in the red wasnt a clue enough then I dont think anything would be.

Can I be your storage

you can store your items temporarily in my storage

I’ll return you the items whenever you need them

Alas. The stuff I have is important to me so I cant really bring myself to departing from it.

The question is: have you seriously decided to give up over THAT???