Players exploiting transfers to spawn extra items in inventory

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  • What is your character name in New World: Sr. Wolf Kovacs
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Modun/Nibiru Xi
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Some friends and i found players with over 5 hundred stack of itens that are rare and expensive, like Asmodeun, glittering ebony and the most rare, voidbent ingots. They are selling the voidbent for like 5k gold and on the day before the issue was found, the item value was over 4x that price. The issue was found right after the world transfer was re-enabled.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Both, bug and exploit.
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: The economy of the is completely broken, the progression felling is gone. I have 472hours in the game (not puting in the time in betas and preview and alpha) and me and my guild members did a lot of grind, a lot of hours per day to collect, refine, craft. The voidbent heavy set that i’ve crafted, was the first of my faction and now its just a garbage that whoever have 5k gold can buy the materials and craft.
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: No. The only possible recover is a full rollback to the momment before the server transfer was re-enabled.
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Log in our server and check the chat for the sellers of gold/items way under the real price.

Please, note that i dont talk only for myself, but for hundreds of players that cant enjoy the game because of these issues. I’ve asked for the brazilian community to help me to make this post visible for you, that is our role as gamers who love the game that you have created and now, after reading it, i believe that the role of AGS is to first, rollback + hotfix the issue, then start punishing the exploiters because the true players of the game, will still play the game after a year or more time. The exploiters and these that dont report, will not player the game after a month or two with an epic issue like this one.

Thanks in advance for understanding the reason and the felling that is in our minds for making such a sad report in your forum. (i know there are gamers in Amazon Games Studios, and i know that any real gamer understand the potencial that such bug have to kill the game, like a cancer that if not removed, will grow and infect everyone, everywhere).


oh my god…


Server had ingots at 15k, in one day it went to 3k.

AGS do something ffs.


Fix this plz

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Please Fix this ASAP Amazon games.

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yea… i am done. every 5min we have a new bug or exploit.


@Tosch Fix it ASAP please!! this is breaking the game!!!

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This image was shared in a post on reddit last night and was removed by one of the moderators there.

I say this because the individual who posted it claimed that this exploit was done through the trading post, however you are posting the same image and saying it is related to server transfers.

I am weary of either one being feasible, however I can’t even imagine a way that server transfers would be a means to duplication, especially using an image that was already circulated previously. There does appear to be a problem that exists somewhere, however this image nor the server transfers offer any kind of actionable proof for the development to address.


The method i was aware of consisted of freshly transfered player wouldn’t PERSIST their state in the game. Which would mean than no matter what the player was doing, their character would be rolled back once they disconnect. which mean if this player had money on him when transferred, he could just repetedly send this money to someone before roll backing its state again and again. I am sure there are other means to exploit somebody just getting back in times indefinitely.

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also saw this reported via another player claiming they did it via a trading post bug and then said how to do it in the post

That was the old one that they stopped transfers orginally for to try and “fix it”

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Do we know about the newer ones?

People need to understand that this game is not subscription based. Meaning that Amazon already reap the benefits it wanted to reap when thousands of players paid for it. They don’t care about the game or community. They take one week to fix an issue and then introduce five more. Servers should have been taken down long ago. I rather they take it down for a whole day if need to if it means they’ll actually fix the bugs and exploit currently going on.


Yes, but if that one was patched and it is speculative that the transfers are the cause of the duplication when it is in fact some other method that doesn’t involve transfers, then that could lead to an incorrect measure that allows those benefitting from this exploit to continue doing so after the supposed “fix”.

I halfway feel like a lot of these dupe posts are smoke and mirror to lead people in the wrong direction while having an excuse as to why they have more gold/items than they should. Exploit, report an already patched or incorrect method of exploiting it to cover your own rear while pretending that their unaccounted for items/gold were only obtained because they were verifying it was reproducible before reporting it.



print of player exploiter on modum server


start banishing and stop mopping would be the first step

Disable transfers.
Ban players first.
Then fix this.
Only then renable transfers.

Banned players obviously won’t need transfers. Just delete their characters and make room in their servers for legitimate players to transfer into.


This is it. Good game

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Resolvam isso o quanto antes

I gave NW a Thumbs Down on Steam and I urge everyone to do the same until AGS takes tangible, just action.
Don’t let others buy the game and discover this rampant cheating only after it is too late to get a refund.

If enough players do this and spread the truth about what is happening, AGS will care more because they need new players for revenue – precisely because it ISN’T a subscription based model.

Despite all the issues, it still shows as “Mostly Positive” on Steam. Maybe that’s why AGS is still slow on bans and taking action. They don’t think it’s important enough.