Players exploiting transfers to spawn extra items in inventory

This is the funniest 2021 comment I have seen, thanks!

NoT a YeLp rEvIeW

Same thing probably happened on server Gaunes EU. Someone bought out all tolvium, cinnabars and asmodeum from the market and probably transfered to another server and abused this bug.

Duh. Of course not it’s a STEAM review.
Learn to read before responding eh?

You missing that context and feeling the need to correct it just further proves my point lol


farewell,was nice to meet y all

Shut up and play accordingly = Guaranteed more fun LOL

Screenshots are photoshoped, get a life.


up, rollback 3 days please

We have now players buying itens that was 15k for less then 3k, items that was 5k and now you can find for 200g… I’m thinking that they are selling coins for real money, it’s the way they are making so many gold in game… Please, work hard on the bugs, in beta/alpha the game was not broken as now… You are making us, who like the concept of the game, be worried of the future of the game… less then 3 months and the economy it’s a piece of ‘you know’.

Photoshopped picture with a different story every single time. It’s all so fake stop being stupid and falling for it. There’s 0 evidence of a dupe.

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Yo Bro Ukrainian community supported you

This is the kind of thing that will make me leave. Something like this happened in Everquest years ago. There was an advanced AA, (Ability) system. There was an exploit that allowed players to get 10 times more AA for weeks. Everyone that knew about it, took advantage of it. Those that didn’t got screwed. Sony fixed the exploit, but didn’t roll back. So the cheaters kept the spoils of their cheating. I do not like exploits. I left the game that I had 1000’s of hours invested in over several years. This bug completely breaks the pretty much broken economy.

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pls 3 days rollback… and counting

"honestly I did it by accident, I listed something and saw someone buy order it a good price, since it was hanging at the listing screen, I just escaped out and completed the buy order then I wasn’t even in the market anymore and it pops up saying I’ve listed the item.

went back and check, sure enough my item was listed."

This is the known item dupe, likely fixed.

This image has circulated Reddit for the oast week, and each time it’s a different story and server lmao.

This has already been done, they disabled transfers for NA/EU less than a day after this started happening, and already stated they would be banning/removing what ever was duplicated.

Can i get a screenshot of your IN-GAME achievement for those 472 hours played? we are 33 days into this game and 31 x 16 hours a day is 496. . . … i have a hard time believing you’ve been playing for 472 hours. Not your STEAM timer, as that’s inaccurate and counts the game being open at the screen, i want your IN-GAME achievement that tracks hours there.

This has already been discussed in other forums and is akin to beating a dead horse.

But they said that picture is fake and there’s no proof that it really happened, void ingot in other servers are cheap because a lot of them reach level 60 early… and server transfer only worked this last patch, how did the 2 become related?.. and I can’t believe the number of people that are believing the story with picture, without researching lol… that picture has different stories lol

How are you even getting pictures from exploiters in the first place?
How can you verify the pictures are real?