Players glitching under the map during war


did you figure out how theyre doing it? a few patch ago people were going through the bottom of the fort

This marauder company on this server is notorious for finding and using exploits, and they send members into sabotage invasions, do mass reporting tactics before wars effectively. They are even so bold that they made a shadow company called “Here come the exploits”.

This doesn’t surprise me that they found yet another exploit.

yeah we should have named it “Here comes the echo chamber” or wait did you guys want that one?

Can confirm they have engaged in mass reporting as someone who used to be in this Green company and moved to another that is still close to them, Sikhaze and others were targeted and banned right before a war and have constantly been banned over the course of the game

Said Green company has also engaged targeting certain players with racial slurrs which is if you familiar with another Dominora server thread is talking about this company

I’ve seen a player do this by repeatedly pressing the prone command while running at a terrain wall to be “thrown” inside. He did this at a mountain side and at a fort wall (though he got stuck in the fort wall).

He laughed about it and bragged he could “heal” people close enough while not taking any damage.

Please elaborate what racial comments we’ve ever used.
Not ONCE have I seen a member of Kraken type or voip a racial slur/comment.
I’ll wait.

I mean… We aren’t here to talk about this bs you guys spew on the regular, I don’t care about that. What I do care about is the fact you guys use any exploit to gain an advantage whenever you can. When Hatchet exploit was a thing we all met and agreed not to use it, yet you guys were at the front abusing it over and over. When musket was bugged are you telling me you didn’t abuse it in wars? All of those are whatever because they are somewhat unavoidable. Glitching under the map is intentional and this isn’t the first time you guys have done it.

you guys were day 1 T pose on point abusers, its wild how fast you forgot about that.

“Any exploit whenever we can” maybe a couple players that don’t give a shit but I guarantee you 95% of us don’t “intentionally” use exploits.
You’ll always have THAT person. Purple has done it. Green has done it. Yellow has done it.

You’re literally saying WE as a WHOLE company are constantly using exploits which is a blatant lie.

The people who did it got reported, that shits lame af. Especially after we have been having some good fights

its amazing how you forget your purples doing the entomb exploit on points

What are you even talking about lmao… You literally took the time to glitch under the map mid war…

Server is now under review now by Amazon supposedly, they will see the logs and wonder why certain individuals in purple are constantly getting reported and see Lvns chat log, have fun

Video Evidence? Screenshots?

I dont even know what this is or what you’re referring to. You have a lot of nerve commenting on this thread when we have two videos above of you crawling under the floor in a fort. You have no shame its insane…

Also thank you for confirming that at least 5% of your company “don’t care” and “intentionally” use exploits. If someone exploits, get evidence of it, take a screenshot, record a vod, and post it. I guarantee you that person will be removed from our company and I will report them with you.

I love how the leadership from this exploiting company, like Jugaloon, come here and are trying to deflect saying its ok because another company uses entomb exploits? Whatever that even is…

The facts are simple…

Here comes the Kraken and their sister company Rato Gang are exploiting and encouraging it. They are not kicking members. In fact they reward them.

Please get this trash off our dominora server.

These Kraken exploiters came to dominora from a different server, perhaps Amazon can facilitate a way to forcibly put them on an island with other know exploiting companies and let them all have it with each other.

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Funny coming from a company that:

Insta-pushed multiple conflicts week 1
T pose invulnerability capped points to win several wars
Targeted mass reporting our best players
Win traded 2 territories
Maintains a Shell Yellow company to hold a territory while slotting 45+ purple
Mic spams obscenities
Food stacking buffs
Plays OPR to gain a movement speed bug on 10+ characters before war
Heavily stacks IG to use the broken damage bonus

Comes on the forums and tries another attempt to get our company members banned since the daily mass reporting isn’t working as well.

Shows how scared you guys are.

Shout out to the scummiest company on Domonira and our biggest fans; Reign Of Tyranny
ROT is very fitting for how low you guys operate at.

You will lose.

Also it’s absolutely hilarious how scared these people harassing us are, can’t even us a IGN to make a forum post.

Was food stacking considered an exploit? I am not trying to defend any side but I have been in wars back then when purple intentionally told their players to stack multiple foods.

Is RMT considered an exploit? Last I have seen, purple allows gold farmers in their company. Even sikhaze has said “they got to feed their families”