Players glitching under the map during war

Everything on here is he said she said. Stop accusing HCTK for things that’s the flavor of the week. All these accusations are false. Minus the fort glitch. Yes it’s technically an exploit, but the war was over and you can’t back cap anymore. Therefore it was harmless did nothing. HCTK does not mass report and never has. Stop spuing false information. Close to harassment how much people talk on here about HCTK and 99.9% of it is not true.

Not wrong, at this point, it looks more like targeted harassment towards HCTK with no evidence backing it up.

Perfect example of someone spuing false information and having no clue what they’re talking about. Kraken has been on Dominora since day one. Stop saying shit just because other people are. Know what you’re talking about first. Get your facts straight and bring evidence. Shit posting because you’re mad isn’t a good look.

I am new to the server, and I have heard stories regarding the toxicity of Kraken and their use exploits, and now I see the evidence first hand. I don’t know your company, but from what I’ve seen it isn’t good, especially when I see players go out of their way to grief or harass players (it’s like a full-time job), such as inzmood consistently attempting to sabotage an invasion, e.g. taking repair supplies, continuously trying to get back into the invasion to further sabotage.

Regardless, this post is not about imaginary exploits or other conspiracies. There is a consistent behavior where members of HERE COMES THE KRAKEN use exploits, which from the video evidence, you can clearly see it being used.

The counterarguments are irrational, e.g. Tu quoque - they do it, so we can do it too. That doesn’t change the fact that your company has exploited, continues to exploit, and is on the video exploiting. And ultimately such fallacy arguments only serve to confirm the use of exploits by HERE COMES THE KRAKEN.

Any update on this exploit? Has it been added to the list to fix?

What is all this nonsense about lack of evidence? We have 2 videos attached to this thread as evidence of them doing it. There is also a third video of them doing it in a Weaver Fen war, but I doubt that will be uploaded and shared as the person who took the video went and joined green shortly after… There is no lack of evidence, and suggesting that you only did it because the war was almost over doesn’t explain why you did it the 2 previous times before that. Keep deflecting.

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