Players leave because (devs need to fix these..)

Posted this elsewhere but making a topic, feel free to add more to the list:

There are so many issues making players leave:

Economy: either you belong to an owner company and are rolling in it, or you don’t and you will forever be at a massive disadvantage. After a while people just give up trying to compete against 2-3m a week income and quit.

Dungeons: time gated by orbs which require stupid amounts of mats plus 200 level in a craft to make. Orbs non-tradeable (a stupid idea!). If orbs were tradeable people might stay rather than just get frustrated and quit.

Drop Rates: Making trophies is near impossible as the drop rates and drop locations for tier 2 and 3 trophy mats are absurd. Standing in one spot waiting on a respawn for a week or more of work isn’t fun or engaging.

Crafting: Since crafting nerf most newer players have given up on reaching 200, it’s just tooooo expensive. Then even if you do max it, you still need a town buff active plus 3 major trophies to ahve a chance at getting a random piece of 595-600. Meanwhile mutations will spew 600gs at those running them…

Mutations: Locked behind two gates: orbs AND gs level. Plus timers, which a lot of people hate and why they hated M+ dungeons in WoW.

Umbral: blocked behind time gated mutations, which basically means 99% of the population won’t progress much if at all past 600gs. Hard advantage which most people will find annoying and just another reason to quit.

Bots: so many. Even without bots collecting resources is a pain lottery.

Materials: Owners can literally buy up the entire supply of whatever they might want or totally manipulate the markets up or down, which just annoys other players.

OPR: score system is rubbish. Playing melee can be frustrating if you are one of only a couple and everyone else is ranged as your score will be terrible. Guarding objectives rewards nothing!

Wars: reserved for the owners and their friends. Same people swap comapnies at will into their alt companies to fight for them as well. Needs to be fixed, with a 14 day cooldown on switching company plus war fatigue of 72 hours. Not really sure what a decent fix is here.

Invasions: Bad idea. These should be open to all BUT only if they didn’t downgrade the town itself, just the fort.

Taxes: terrible implementation means owners become crazy rich/sell to RMT etc. Tax revenue should be retained by the town with maybe 1k per member sent directly to them per week if the town has sufficient spare funds. Otherwise towns could operate their own buffs and operate their own tax rates to balance income and expenditure- so more income would reduce tax rates ratehr than make people stinking rich.

Reset Timers: These should be on a global cooldown once a day (say 3-4-5am every day). I know people who have quit as they play at night during the week for short periods of time and then log in early saturday afternnon to find they can’t actually do anything as it’s all on cooldown! What a terrible design!

Given all these reasons for quitting I’m surprised I’m still here!

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