Players losing all fast travel points; map completely reset

Players have been experiencing this since at least October 4th.
If this has happened to you, give this a bump. I’m not going to be running around the map again just for this to happen twice; AGS needs to fix this.


Same. Have this issue on Barri too in Edengrove. The fasttravels aren’t showing normally on the map too.

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i do not understand how it is possible to break seemingly everything else when fixing other issues. issues that i did not even think would be possible. gear being deleted? 7 new dupes? MORE lag from the new weapon? now shrines being deleted?

it almost feels intentional at this point


There seems to be an obvious answer tbh. The Devs dont understand the engine they are working with at the moment. Many other games where there is a fix or adjustment there can be unforseen consequences even in an engine thats been around for a decade.

Maybe Im being simplistic here but thats the impression thats being given.

I hope it isnt this but for the life of me I cant work out what else it could be.


Fake it 'till ya make it.

I was talking with a friend of mine who’s still in game dev and he said it’s likely amazon subcontracted out the coding of this game to multiple different foreign companies (likely in india); and of course this makes spaghetti code when it’s all put together in one build, with multiple repeating bunches of code doing the same thing, over and over again all over the place, systems calling the same functions from different code libraries, and on and on.

the result is when you make changes to the system many things get changed or even broken.

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This sounds plausible

Bumping bc I’m mad this still isn’t fixed. Wtf AGS, where tf are the mods??


Murphy’s law. In something with this scope there are countless of combinations, which cause things.
It’s impossible to predict them all.

I’ve also lost the ability to fast travel to several locations including settlements and spirit shrines.

this is more like murphys toilet


Ah that’s okay the support team just says to run from first light to shattered mountain one more time and hope it doesn’t happen again


I lost the Northern Edengrove fast travel

Single points lost vs whole map resetting might be different issues, unfortunately

A handful of people seem to think all this is basically a tech demo for Lumberyard which apparently they’re going to license out afterward.

But I feel like after this Lumberyard will kind of have a reputation as being the engine that helped sink New World.

And I think therein really lies the problem, I’m sure the devs are working late and such but it just doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of push for a product of serious longevity.


I know nothing about game design or development and probably shouldn’t speak to it, but I can’t imagine building an environment like this that they seemingly have so little control over the seemingly editable bits.

Missing item? Support can’t regenerate a lost item
Stuck character? Support can’t relocate your character
Lost one or all fast travel points? Support can’t reenable it for you.
I get that all of these systems are different and it’s probably not just a flip a switch kind of thing for my particular problem, the fast travel points.

But is the reason people have been stuck dead for weeks at a time just sitting behind some kind of non interference policy, or do they literally not have the ability to move your character?

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