Players should be rewarded for company loyalty

Players need a reason to be loyal to a company. Currently the only benefit of being in a company is if they own territory. I’ve seen players jump companies after the company they were in lost their territory, making it difficult for the old company to stay competitive. Though this was a low population world.

One idea to encourage players to stay is to give increasing luck value for within faction territories by X every day or week you’re in a company. Have the value scale by how many players have been active (5-7 days since last log in) to encourage being in larger companies.

A harder approach would be to introduce an zone that companies can open up, with two options. Option one is it’ll last X time, but the cooldown enables it to be open again during the same day (for companies with players that have split play times or limited play time). Option two is it’ll last twice as long but can only be opened once that day. Alternatively it could be scale the amount of resources spawned (this is likely easier to balance). This zone would have rich resource spots guarded by elites that scale based off of the value of the resources. This will enable any size company to be capable of achieving something. Have the luck scaling idea for the zone instead of factions, or make it stronger on the island. Balancing the value of the zone and making it better for loyal players makes this idea potentially quite difficult. (This idea could also be applied as a pvp zone, where people can travel to whenever but pvp will be enabled.)

The first two ideas have a stronger focus towards gathering, which not all players would be into. So for players into PVP, have the rewards for pvp faction missions scale up in the same fashion as the luck. The longer you’re in the company, the more coins/faction tokens you gain. (This will also help encourage players to try to take territories or defend.)

Other “resources” that can be affected in this way in relatively easy means for balancing can include, but not limited to: territory standing gain, fast travel cost (weekly scaling), azoth gain from corruption portals (weekly scaling), repair cost, higher weight to gain more from salvaging (or more coins).

Company loyalty rewarding will help small/medium companies to be capable of being competitive with less worry about losing players to stronger companies. The rewards shouldn’t be game breaking that makes players feel they must have it, but strong enough to encourage players to grow and fight with their company.

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As the governor of a small company, I cant agree more that something needs to be done about giving people some kind of incentive to stay in my company. Even when I go out of my way, spend LOTS of my own time and money to help my people in be successful, the next day half of them up and abandon me secretly for bigger companies anyway. PLEASE AMAZON find some incentive for people to stay in my company! I cannot be competitive with only a handful of people willing to stick it out with a small company!

You can’t incentivize loyalty. People are either loyal or they’re not.

Unfortunately, it seems a majority of people these days are spoiled babies, bent on instant gratification.

Enjoy and appreciate the good ones. Behavior done seeking a reward is not loyalty.

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I suppose reward is the wrong term, but you can incentivize loyalty. People aren’t loyal for nothing. This happens with everything. Parents become loyal to a school if they have a good experience and it shows reason to stay with them. People will shop at stores that constantly meet their needs. Employers give bonuses and benefits to help incentivize employees to stay. Other video games make guilds able to level up to gain various bonuses and a guild vault so players can stockpile items for guild events. Which won’t go away because you failed to defend a territory.

There just needs to be more of a reason to be in a company other than the territory. There’s very little group play currently which makes it hard to get people together. Expeditions and corruption portals are basically the only thing for prior to 60. Then elite/chest grinding at 60. Sure you can quest together, but if you don’t have the same quests it can actually make things slower.

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