Players taking advantage of mob pathing to get chests in elite areas with no fighting and solo

Honestly I’ve been stealthing a lot everywhere I can. You obviously can’t do it everywhere but I thought it was intended and actually a lot of fun to steal something right from under the enemy’s nose.
Compared to beta I think they even reduced the enemy detection radius so you don’t constantly pull lots of mobs when you step onto a Lost farm.
I even did a couple of Faction advancement missions entirely with stealth just to see if it were possible.

if they are doing it because of mob mechanics e.g., retreat mechanics, then definitely the devs should take a closer look.
It’s one thing to sneak up behind an enemy looking the other way or patrolling normally away from the node and harvest their Corn. But if you make them retreat or whatever then run in to grab the loot, that crosses the line I think.
Especially when the enemy is in range, already attacking, but mysteriously resets – as in the video.

Based on “how” the streamer is demonstrating things, this is considered exploitive, at least when you apply just a small amount of common sense.

“But the game LETS me do it! I shouldn’t get banned for something the devs designed!”

The typical response loop I see from those who feel that just because the game mechanics allow you to do this, it’s somehow OK to do it.

on a side note, you dont agro bosses if you stand right behind them lol

Nice, good to know.

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