Players think Wrong

Hear me out, we got 3 mains Attribut (sry Focus not speaking about you here)
STR, Dex and Int.

At start i was thinking Str should have the BIS Melee Weapons, Dex BIS Range Weapons and Int Mid Range and AoE dommage.

But everybody complaining about not having a good weapon for every aspect of the game.
Dex cry for GA, GA nerf and now best Melee weapons are Dex. Dex still got the best range weapon.
Int got the best Mid range IG/VG and now cry about Firestaff but do you understand how difficult it will be to buff this weapons ? If it have the same single target dommage as other weapons it will be so OP, even now no weapons is close to the DPS of AoE fight Firestaff, so if he got the same single target dommage as other, it will be competition.

We should stop to cry for not having everything on 1 Attribut (looking at you Dex) every Attribut should have Pros and Cons and stop complaning about the Cons if you have enough Pros.

Maybe we have to change mindset and come at the base Str Melee, Dex range and some utility melee, Int Mid range and AoE.
And if you want play melee go Str, want play Range go Dex and not cry because your Hachet is not the BIS range weapons.

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I agree! You have my vote.

I think the attributes are stupid and unfinished.

Why does con only give health and not health AND armor? You only get armor If you reach certain milestones… it should be incremental…

Yes and dev fortunately or unfortunaly they lisent to the community so seems like if the numbers cry about a thing its mostly like going on this way.

I feel like there could be more fun and creative builds if there was enough attribute points that you could invest with. I run an intelligence build, I wish I could put points in focus for the mana regen, but still have points for con without sacrificing my attack power.
They should have all magic weapons scale with focus.

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