Players who ignored doing anything about their WM should be thankful

I PvPed for almost 500+ hours to get mats for my gear. You don’t just buy gear dummy. Now that progress won’t matter and I’ll go play other stuff. Making people leave the game in droves because you alienate them with a system that you think improves the game is bad for the game. People leaving is bad. It’s literally common sense.

It’s possible I may have misread the tone with all the overwhelming outlash going around lately with everything, the last part of your post there just seemed like it was being outraged at their cash shop system at first glance, and I was just saying honestly they’ve been good about their cash shop so far I don’t feel we need to put more negativity towards stuff that “could happen”

I dont expect anyone to be outraged over speculation. I’m just saying it would not be shocking to me.

wow time gates everything literally and its cash shop p2w WITH a sub fee of 15$
but i understand, this game doesnt need time gates since its a 1 time payment.

Devs should focus on fixing and stabilizing the game instead of balancing and pissing of the community


What do you think abbout that, because if I’m right this screw up people who don’t farm their HWM and selling stuff you loot.

But starting in early 2022, it will also govern the effectiveness of your gear. This means if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 550 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon’s effective Gear Score will be reduced to 520. While we understand to some players this may result in a temporary reduction in power, we believe in the long run this will result in more rewarding progression loop that can’t be bypassed by buying gear off the trading post.

They are doing something about server merges…

[Notice] Server Merge Mardi and Brittia - Central EU.
Greetings Adventurers,
We will be merging Mardi into Brittia on December 9, 2021 2:00 AM .

They are testing how merges work on these 2 servers. I am glad they are testing it, not on my server, as I don’t want my character messed with.

If it is successful on the 9th, I am sure that server merges will be the next big thing that AGS will do.

Peace… :slight_smile:

I am certain that both of you did not read the announcement / dev blog. If you did you’d know that no one has to do mindless chest runs for hours to increase HWM/Expertise. It has in fact been severely discouraged by the implementation of new systems. Now, with the planned patch, almost anything you do will increase your Expertise.

So please, calm down and read.

What gives you the opinion that any studio is capable of doing only one thing at a time? And if “the community” reads instead of echoing popular opinion, raising pitchforks and throwing insults, they’d know that they (“the community”) are only pissing themselves off.

I barely did any of those activities, and I got voidbent, because those activities were either not happening on my dead server, or not fun.

I don’t care about gypsum, but i’ll probably pay a $100 for a cowboy style skin :slight_smile:

And then when they nerf your choice of weapons and armor into the ground causing you to need to change everything up… You have to do it all over again.

The need to keep nerfing gear alone is enough to aggravate you. It’s not always about PVP. It’s getting used to a playstyle in PVE then having that changed up so you’re not doing or preventing the same damage that’s infuriating.

THEN messing it all up by changing WMs and everything else about it to make it not only more confusing but more infuriating. Why can’t it be simple? We don’t need a bloody 10 deep strategy game built into an MMO.

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It’s not all in one bag… Not everyone is a duper. Only a dolt would think so and bunch everyone together. The good is suffering with the bad. It’s the same if you flip it. Solutions don’t work worth a piss if you’re punishing people who worked their ass off to accomplish something just because you ‘think’ they’re the minority in all of this.

If you REALLY want to be fair about it… Make EVERYONE suffer. Wipe the bloody game. This is what should have been done from day one. Fix the problem then do a complete wipe so everyone is on the same level. It’s less of a punch in the face when everyone suffers rather than one group, be it minority or not. You’re punishing people who worked their ass off to get where they are and catering to the other side when there are just as many arguments against that same group who aren’t getting the shaft.

It goes both ways.

Just fix the issues and wipe the MFer already and be done with it.

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I’ve read the announcement and there is only one way to increase expertise with crafting and that’s not enough even with all the ways(which you can only do 7 a day) the main way to increase expertise would still be chest runs so if i want my personally crafted high level gears to work i need to start from the beginning and farm chests

U.S East Server ATM have Saturday prime time.

89 Servers with less than 10% pop

44 Servers with less than 5%

What was the server population of those 2 servers.
With over 130 servers with such low population but faction controlled territories how are the gonna manage mass server mergers? 10 into 1 …what happens if all the inactive players from those 10 servers decide to come back and play…imagine the que time.

No way will they merge servers after this update for at least a month until they fix most of the exploits and bugs…mass server mergers …They will let us know LOL

So you want a game where you can do anything you want but also a game that gives you all the rewards for doing only one thing?

if its not fixed all eyes should be looking at it and basic things are not yet fixed

I might actually consider buying something named Wiggle Waggle. :smiley:

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yea that’s garbage

uh, in my opinion that’s just playing the game. if 25 players get together and blitz content like an army… that’s what an mmo is supposed to be all about. it sounds fun, it sounds awesome, and they deserve the rewards.

shouldnt they be focused on this instead of building systems on top of systems that noone asked
-more skins
-more house/furniture skins
-more dungeons
-more fun stuff for ppl to do
-another OPR map
-fix dupers/exploiters/bans

i mean some of that basics


I agree, and I’m not sure I understand it. Certainly, WoW has the time gates and the tokens. It’s a cash grab at this point, and making time gates makes sense for them financially. Of course, the community isn’t happy about it. The WoW forums are nearly as bad as these are. Fundamentally, players of any game, subscription based or free, just want the choice to play how they want to play and time gating takes that away from people.

New World, though, has no subscription, so I don’t see the point in time gating. It seems they’re pushing more people away than they’re retaining, with no financial benefit. The smart thing to do is make a fun game that people might put away for a bit until content updates, and then come back to later. Good and fun memories of a game will make people want to play again. Putting down a game isn’t going to make people quit. I play a lot of MMO’s because I’m a nutcase. But, the thing is, I buy their DLC’s and updates and play them again after I’ve put them down for a little bit. They have a guaranteed influx of money every DLC, while at the same time, saving money on server upkeep while people aren’t playing. Measuring success on numbers playing isn’t a very good measurement for the company, really. They should focus on the fun game, and wanting to bring people back for each update/DLC. That’s how many of us play now. Gone are the days of players wanting to no life games. The average age of gamers is getting older. We simply don’t have the time we used to have to play one game all the time. If something takes too much time and is too overwhelming, a lot of us will drop it entirely, and there goes the revenue you could have had if you just made the game fun in the first place.