Playing since launch getting banned now after this patch when i only did 4 opr today

Well, there’s three problems i’m seeing.

  1. You wont get anywhere posting in the forums, and people vouching won’t matter. Only the appeals page can help you here.

  2. Your account, i’m guessing you have multiples. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to post here. That in and of itself is suspicious.

  3. Many of the accounts posting here have suspicious history as well. Also not helping your case.

Just my casual observation.


Tell him to talk to the live Support and than give Feedback to us please.

No mate i have only one.
look at my olders post. I never did another one

Let us know about your friend. When i will be unbanned i will contact you to tell you what i did for.

i hate cheaters as well but imagine if you or one of your friends was banned now and did nothing wrong, won’t you try to ask the devs to look at your case?


I would ask to have my case looked into and even though the cms have made it very clear they can’t do anything about bans and will just refer to appeals process, I’d probably still post something on the forums as well if I were unfairly banned.

What I wouldn’t do (after my friends quickly showed up to talk about how wonderful gentle and nice I am) is start hurling insults lol

Im felling confident when im seeing discord now.
Watching two different discord now and seeing that a LOT of people got banned.
It might be like the wave of ban some months ago when it was full of random ban.

Wishing you a good evening guys and see you tomorrow

I wouldn’t be so sure.

Looking at your post history, your very first activity ever was trying to get your company leader unbanned “falsely” as well. This whole post stinks. :confused:

And if your discords are full of people that got banned. Well, that speaks volumes.


interesting, I am leaning more and more towards a likelyhood of a valid ban

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U should really stop commenting at all, I know that u didnt do shit but it just gives u a bad look even though u are innocent

If it was a wrongfully ban you should be unbanned very soon

you guys are rly something, you have nothing better to do that to come on a post and spit ur toxicity about someone you didn’t even know, forum warriors like in the old days


Thank you for this mate appreciate i hope too :slight_smile: thakn you to send me the post

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I think its hard for people to accept reality when they are falsely banned- to not defend themseves even though it makes oneself look like a bad actor - hard to control emotions in a online world when u potentionally lost everything for naught

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I got burned defending people that i thought i could trust. Turned out, they were dirty cheaters from the getgo. I have no sympathy.


I mean I would expect nothing else if the situation was reversed. If I was banned and wrongfully so (assuming that is what has happened here, only time will tell though), I would expect skeptics

If you feel strongly that you were banned unjustly, appeal the decision. It gives you the option to appeal… If you didn’t do anything wrong, the appeal should hopefully clarify that.

You are very smart…please just stop commenting if you don´t have something important to say.

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Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately no one on the forums has the ability to assist with this. You’ll need to send in a ban appeal here: Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games since all in-game moderation discussions will be with the Game Moderation team and the person involved.