Playing with friends experience

So i decided to play the game with a friend and was surprised to find that cooperation is somehow discouraged here. Other posts confirm.
To start off, we spawned on different beaches and had two options: trot a few kms to reunite or spend several hours on tutorial quests until meeting up at Yonas Salazar.
Then we decided to do some factions quests, only to find that faction representative offers different pve quests to each of us.
Some side quests seem to be designed in a way that does not support cooperation, so we basically had to do those twice (like stuffing poison in barrels in Canary mine).
Venturing into dungeon requires too many people and common beasts can’t provide challenge for a small group of 2-3 people, so it would be nice to have more quests or other activities revolving around elite mobs.
Craft cooperation is impaired by the abscence of shared storage. P2P trading is a solution, but an inconvinient one.
Gathering cooperation is not even a concept, it seems.
Don’t suppose there is a form of common property in the housing system.

I understand the game is all about many individuals doing stuff on their own, but small groups of friends are here as well, consider them maybe.


I realy whant to add to this post.

We are 4 friends who whant to play on the same server, but we all cant logg on at the same time to find a Realm who are able to take more players, as fast as in one day they remove character creation on my realm that locks 4 friends apart to play together…

How just how, are we to play this game who are healvely focused on uniting with frends to push of the enenmy???

Wy shuld it be so hard to be able to play on the same server as your friends?

This right here!

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