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I am sure this question may have been asked but is there a way for someone to get the main quest in the same town as you? I am trying to play with my friends but they seem to have been spawned elsewhere and have been lead elsewhere as the main town. I think i saw some other people talking about recreating their characters but one of my friends are level 24 and the rest of us are at level 9. Thanks in advance.

you creat a character then you do all quest until you have to go to town

finish the quest in the town you have to go

then just walk to the town of choice and start questing there :wink:

also the main quest is the same for everyone
im not sure about sidequests thoe

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There are ways to sync up your questline (google it, it will come up instantly), but your best bet is probably to progress through your own quests in your starting area until your quests match up in other areas a little later on.

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I couldnt talk a lot of my gaming friends into this game…for some strange reason. Most of them are stuck in the hypnotic state thats called World of Warcraft.

They bitch about that game like its the plague…but keep playing it…ill never understand that.

So, i came to this game pretty much alone and have been playing on a server i didnt want to be on…the server i was shooting for was locked…and im having a pretty good time with it so far.

Im waiting on transfers and then i may be able to join a bunch i used to hang with a few years ago…but im not sweating it.

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Once you complete the first quest that grants you the boots you have to press escape before you pick up the next quest and then you run to the starting zone you want. If you did it correct when you open your map you should see three quest locations.

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Thanks for the response guys, we will definitely try this! as soon as servers come back up and they can create a character.

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