Please add a declare war/influence cooling off period!

In my server, my faction is basically split down the center due to politics. Half the people/companies in the faction (syndicate) are allied with the other factions to sabotage our territories and wars, and won’t help/actively sabotage our wars and influence defenses…

Basically we have held Everfall, and the other major companies of purple want it to themselves for the taxes, so they are allied with green and yellow to take the territory from us. This means that every day we fight a war in Everfall, and immediately after the war the influence starts to build up, and war is declared again before midnight not 4 hours later. This makes us eternally defend our territory and spend a good amount of time doing it instead of using the time to enjoy the rest of the game. And we have members dropping out because of the stupid politics and nonstop wars which are all exactly the same, we don’t have enough force to go on the offense since it’s just a brigade.

So my suggestion is just simply add a 24 hour minimum cool off period in which you can’t build influence after a war, that way it stops potentially endless string of wars on the same territory every single day.

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