Please add a group finder, I'm tired of wasting my time

Why this game has no group/dungeon finder is beyond me. Why do we have to stand around spamming channels for groups in 2021? Please add a group finder, I cant take trying to get a group for an hour!


This is just one example on my list of why I am 100% convinced not one single developer at Amazon Games has ever played an MMORPG before.

Group/Dungeon Finder is a very important feature in an MMO. It is one of the best innovations in MMOs since the old days of spamming “LFG” in chat. Oh wait, that’s exactly what we have now (welcome to 2005!)

If some misguided dev thinks that no Group/Dungeon Finder adds to the “social aspect” of the game, here is a news flash… it doesn’t. All you get is dozens of people spamming LFG, there is no “social interaction” at all. Just wasted time spamming LFG instead of playing the game.


If you are in a busy guild in another game, LFG can work fine during prime time. Even zone chat can get you a group if it’s content people repeat.
When Elder Scrolls Online group finder broke a couple of years ago (their shitshow programming department couldn’t get it decently functional plus a dungeoneering event overtaxed it), people resorted to LFG and mostly got things done.

So what’s the difference here?
Questers get free tuning orbs so it’s not like access is an issue, UNLESS you don’t have a tuning orb – and that’s a separate issue of barriers to repetition.
Are Expeditions simply not fun that people don’t even want to help questers who have Tuning Orbs?

I think we have to dig a bit deeper to why even zone or Company LFG doesn’t work. If we don’t find the root causes, simply implementing a group finder won’t necessarily work.


Lessons from history could stop us from making the same old mistakes.

Many many things wrong in this game is already proven to not work and solved by other MMOs.


even if they didnt create a matching service, they could create a better lfg system, like ffxi, where you could describe what you are looking for, and party creators could browse.

the main annoying thing about lfg shouting is you have to keep doing it.

i don’t do dungeons enough that I know if its hard to get a group going


FFXIV made a perfect one where you can create a group for any purpose and set the roles you want to fill the group.


It’s possible they wanted to chase the kind of players who were classic purists in WoW or thought that kind of player was in the majority. The kind of people who insisted on traditional oldschool servers with no sharding/layering when Classic was in development (which naturally lead to horrible queue times on Classic launch) and no modern group finding system so you had to resort to chat channel spam.

Unfortunately some people believe any form of convenience or modern improvement is bad or detracts from “community.”


Seriously, spamming LFG in global chat is so 2000 and lame! Implement a LFG function! Most MMOS have it. Make it happen ffs.


If you made that very same post 4 weeks ago people would’ve bashed you 80%.

Now these same people realize once the population has spread beyond amrine and starstone, and most servers don’t have a high population any more…

Well now it seems it ain’t so much of a bad feature to have after all.


OMG YES! I actually did make a post 2 weeks ago regarding this and was bashed! Told that LFG tools “hurt the community” and created a WOW-like dynamic where people didnt “interact”. LOL! How quickly our minds are changed once we have to actually LIVE/PLAY with bad design decisions.

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I disagree. I know I’m the minority, so no need to bash me for that. I appreciate that this game emphasizes communication/community/relationship/reputation over efficiently knocking out content. There is value in seeing the uber-annoying all-caps posts every 19 seconds - that way I know to NOT group with that player. Conversely, a well-written plea may convince me to stop what I’m doing and join up. I know the LFG problem is frustrating (probably impossible on a low pop server at off-hours) and I can at least sympathize.

If implemented, I hope it’s same-server only, you still have to run to the instance, there’s a negative consequence for leaving the group early, and there’s intuitive way to determine who’s orb will be used.

As a side note, standing around while finding a group seems inefficient. It’s possible to gather, craft, quest, etc. at the same time.


lol yes! i always just mute chat because its so annoying to see those stupid LFG messages

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Group finder is a bad mistake, just look at WoW and what happened when it was implemented during WoTLK.

Communicate with folks, people.


Global chat? The game has a Recruitment Channel specifically for the purpose of finding groups and I’ve never had an issue with it.

Imagine thinking spamming chat with same message over and over is “communication”.


Why are people still saying group finder is what hurt WoW… It’s not true.


Then you’re doing it wrong. What you do is ask guildies to run with you, or you see other people in Recruitment channel asking to do the same dungeon so you whisper them and start a group together. Or you make your own group if you already have an orb and you start getting tons of whispers yourself. You actually communicate with other players on your server.

And if you’re in the habit of socializing with and working with other players on your server outside of dungeon runs then you should already know some people who you might be able to ask as well. You make a social network in game like you do in real life.

But if that doesn’t work, then the above tactics in Recruitment channel in my experience help you find a group quickly and without constant spamming of the same thing over and over. That’s just pure laziness and will get you nowhere. You have to actually take action and talk to people to get a group going.


If i want to run dungeons with my company or with a group of friends that i already know having LFG function in the game will not in absolutely any way impact that.

LFG function exists to find pugs/randoms. And that’s exactly how you currently look for them. Spam chat with “DD580 LF4M Lazarus have orb” or something like this. And all communication you have is “+” in your whispers.

If i want to talk with randoms that i meet in dungeons or add them as friends i can do exactly the same with or without LFG. Zero difference. The only difference is LFG removes useless spam from chat.


This game map is large, and dungeons are spread out to each corner which is fine. but your encouraged to roam about while playing, not staying in one spot for very long. Trying to find people whoa re commited to waiting and then following through a dungeon is more difficult than it is fun for all involved. Then you have the azoth cost issue where people don’t want to join/fill after missing the free teleport.

A solution could be in an esc tab, like social or give something to interact with in towns to post your LF.

the tuning orbs should be used up when the dungeon is completed, some players join the party in dungeons and leave. The player cant complete the dungeon, if the player leaves the dungeon, their tuning orb gets consumed and cant do the dungeon again.

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