! Please add a keybind toggle for Healer "Group Mode"!

There’s a Gameplay setting I keep having to change constantly in middle of fights, including PvP and PvE.

Targeted Healing - Group Mode changes how heal targeting works very dramatically and it’s a terrible experience to have to open Settings > Gameplay > scroll down to toggle in middle of a fight when I notice heal targeting isn’t working as expected.

I’d love if it were a keybind toggle!


Sad bump begging for attention

I’ve definitely brought this up many times!

Imagine if we could keybind it to middlemouse button or something?
You could have group targetting enabled in a war to pin-point your allies and be more efficient but if they all die, you could swap to ‘non-group’ healing and carry on. Then swap back when allies return!

It would feel so fluid and lowkey necessary for open world combat/war/etc.

ALSO letting us keybind our allies so we can use 1-5 to heal allies and our selves.

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