Please add a way to do OR filtering in the Shop

Like for my build, I do dex, con and a little strength. Would be great to see the pieces that have sentry, brigand (dex/con) and ranger all at once. Or filter out pieces that have one of the three weapon perks that I use. Or filter by refreshing evasion OR refreshing which are near enough that I would be happy with a refreshing resil weap perk piece for a long time.


Thank you for the feedback! I know the categorization and filtering of the Trading Post has been a highly requested Quality of Life change and I’ll add your suggestion to the list.

Please also add a sortable timestamp to the completed orders screen so that we have a way to know what was actually sold. Currently, that screen appears to just randomly list items that sold or expired since the dawn if time. There is no way of knowing what youR recent sales are.

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