Please add a way to minimize the map but still have it viewable

Would love to be able to minimize (but still see) the map when running. Paths would be easier to follow (especially around mountains) if we could still see the map while running.

you have the compass, if you use it properly it’s more then enough.

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Yeah I don’t really need a minimal. There is no need for it. It only takes space in the screen again

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for you, yes. for me, no it’s not enough.

thanks for telling me what i don’t need. i disagree.

I didn’t say what you need or don’t need.
You don’t have to be salty.
I just say (in general) there is no need for it, there is a map that you can very quickly open and close with a button, you can keep running while using the map, there is a compass… that tells you where everything is.
I think the majority of the players don’t need this.
And where should it be then?
If they make it, I hope the also make a future so you can put it off. I don’t need the screen to be any fuller with stuff

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