Please add an auto run feature that lets you travel on a road

I think an amazing implementation of the game would be an autorun travel feature. When I talk about autorun here I don’t mean the current autorun. I mean a way where you put down your place marker and the game gives the option to autorun to the destination for you through roads.

Walking for long periods of time feels like a drag and waste of time especially when all I’m trying to do is get to my next quest location. Though the monster battles I have along the way are fun, 80% of the time when I don’t have one I would rather be searching things up on my phone or computer. My suggestion is you keep the mobs where they can still attack you while auto running is enabled so if you hear monsters you can hop back on and fight them. Maybe if you get attacked the auto running stops also.

Also, keep the AFK timer on while autorunning. 9/10 if you’re actually trying to get to a quest destination you will almost always run into monsters. plus the AFK notification will show up anyways if you haven’t fought with someone in a while. As long as you are somewhat paying attention you will catch it.

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I agree, something like this would be so much better! Maybe one day they will include an auto run like this, I would love to.