Please add an option to organize Compass

When gathering skills get up you unlock more and more icons allowing you to track materials…

But since quest icons are also shown on the same spot at the compass the compass can get very messy.

Maybe an option to organize would help to make compass more clear. For example: show quest icons on the upper side of the compass and material icons on the down side.

Maybe add an additional option to show/hide materials by category.

… just a thought.


This is something I would love, as well as many others who I’ve talked to, getting tired of turkey markers covering my ore ones or not being able to see the special herb ones because there’s landmarks in the way. They have a basic filter on the regular map for things so why not the easily cluttered compass?
I’ve sent beta and launch feedback suggesting this sort of thing, I really hope it gets more attention so that they’re more likely to add it!


yes absolutely. i see the kind of feature as a ‘must have’ and i hope i will come some day…

but i guess right now there are things that have a much higher priority. :sweat_smile:

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As someone who gathers everything and that’s most of what I have been doing my compass is a mess and is already nearly unusable.


i totally can imagine. 🥲

I couldn’t agree more. The ability to filter the compass is a must have QoL feature that I would love to see. As well I would like the ability to change the color of the compass itself as it often times blends into the sky and I find myself having to look at the ground in order to see it/the icons on it.

Another option would be to have creatures/ores/plants outlined in red (some other high vis color) and visible through objects from x distance instead of having them tracked on the compass itself. Hence freeing the compass up for quest markers, party members, and locations.


Created an account just to second this as well.


Way to go buddy, the more comments the more attention it’ll garner.

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yes, but there are certainly other things to do right now… :sweat_smile:

Color coded icons for different material would also help. Everything is same colour and can get really confusing as you continue to unlock more and more resources.


Not in favor of having nodes outlined and highlighted from a distance. That’s a bit much and would ruin how good and natural the game looks.


yeah, thats a good point.

yes :+1:

Very valid point. The game is a bit too pretty for that isn’t it.
Also found another post regarding this.
Compass Thoughts

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As long as they don’t use the same colour set yet again. Yellow, green and purple seem to be all they use.


thank you for putting that up.

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