Please add Easy Anticheat support for Linux!

Yea, but you won’t let any arguments change anything in your mind it sadly seems to me. Your first point: Top 55 (currently using this link New World Forums) is still much. And it isn’t just any topic related to linux as you said, it is this topic, as it is the biggest.
Your second point: the number of how many people use linux in the grand scheme of desktop os market share doesn’t matter as much as how many people of the current community want it. I bet you 99.9999999% of all boomers who use a pc use either Mac or Windows. See this example: You are making a program, 70% of the customers who preordered wanna use it on windows, 15% on mac and 15% on linux. You can choose between taking a slightly more complicated route in development and make it compatible for all 3 OSes or just make it available for Windows and Mac in a slightly less complicated route in development and saying “Linux has ~2.7% of the global desktop OS market share. That’s niche by anyone’s definition. We can’t support every niche OS.”
13.7k people have already clicked this thread to read it. According to 248k played the game yesterday. 13.7k are 5.5% of that and as we can assume not everyone who would want New World on Linux opened the thread, that number would even increase. And 5.5% are much on its own. Thats every 20th person who plays. the. game. Also, a good example for a company caring for a something less popular is the fact that Youtube is force hiding every dislike counter on the platform, because some people got bullied using dislikes. (Not stating that I’m a fan of that)
Point 3: Yes, that fact is true. But that ignores my point of steamdeck increasing Linux popularity drasticly, because of, you know, Valve, completly.

When you want to have a good healthy argument, look into the points of others, not ignore them. At least that all is opinion at the current time of writing. :grinning:

If by that you mean I won’t let non-factual arguments change the facts then you’re absolutely right.

You’re missing something I think is important here: At no time in my responses have I said AGS shouldn’t work on providing EAC/Lunix support. Period. I haven’t said it. I have pointed out why it’s likely not a priority and - now for the last time - I will refer you once again to my actual words and not the ones you keep trying to put in my mouth.

I didn’t put anything in your mouth I was just referring to things you said, and you still missed my point tho. I literally discussed


PS: I was technically right when I said

because I was referring to

because that isn’t a fact. It is a claim till you give data. Which you gave on your reply to it.

That also is a claim, but I won’t discuss that anymore as this is subjective. But my arguments had facts behind them. But I think we should stop discussion as this thread isn’t the right place for it…

The hell you say.

If I say “The world is round” do you accept it as a fact without the mathematical proofs and evidence from images from space?

Beyond that:{"filter"%3A{"%24and"%3A[{"deviceType"%3A{"%24in"%3A["Desktop%2Flaptop"]}}]}%2C"dateLabel"%3A"Trend"%2C"attributes"%3A"share"%2C"group"%3A"platform"%2C"sort"%3A{"share"%3A-1}%2C"plotKeys"%3A[{"platform"%3A"Linux"}]%2C"id"%3A"linux"%2C"dateInterval"%3A"Monthly"%2C"dateStart"%3A"2019-11"%2C"dateEnd"%3A"2020-10"%2C"segments"%3A"-1000"}

I’m out. Peace

Yes, because I trust Science, and the peer reviewing process that leads to Modern Science, albeit I’m able to understand a bit of said reviewing process and to know when Science is to be trusted to when it’s still in the experimental phase where it’s not that trustworthy.

Also I grew up near the sea where I could do my own experiment (implying boats, masts, and the local lighthouse), not that they were specially needed in the first place, but it’s always nice to experiment things by yourself, and that without having to rely on mathematical proof or space imagery.

Note: I’m just replying to this part, and to nothing else, because I believe your counter-exemple was so poorly chosen it deserved an answer.


An other thing that is bugging me, here me out:

If the server is the authoritative one, as in everything is computed on the server side, and only rendered on the client side, as described in that post:

Why would it need EAC on the Client Side?


because I think they are half true on that, and half lieing, as maybe they forgot some serverside checks, as they’ve already proven to forgot.
But I also don’t know why, it just seens fishy, but probably is so you can’t write bots easily that are injected into the client and can read out engine related stuff. So many people can only write bots that read out stuff that a user could see, and can only interact with the game using simulated button presses.

+1 for this also from me. I switched back to windows for new world :frowning:


Why every post about Linux support gets the attention of some win user who points out why it will not be supported. Facts -

  1. WoW works flawlessly under Linux with ZERO support from Blizzard.
  2. NW has reports that it worked too in Alpha before EAC.
  3. This thread starts with a picture of NW running on Linux at current time.
  4. EAC have addressed this and added Linux support.
  5. AGS only needs to update EAC and #clickthatcheckbox
  6. Any testing would be nice on AGS but we can definitely go without it as well. Any issues will be addressed by the opensource community through Wine/Proton (as long as it works on Windows it will work through Wine/Proton as well).

There is no development needed on AGS, it takes little to no-time and it will attract a few thousand players at least. Just the headlines on different websites (such as gamingonlinux) will give this game good publicity and attract new players (linux users). I am happy for you win users (ignorance is a bliss), but please just stay out of our threads and keep your opinions to yourselves


+1 for this also from me. I switched back to windows to try Windows 11 but can’t go back to Linux as New World doesn’t work.


Really ? O_o this is a verry great news

:sweat_smile: Only Linux ex user here. For my part, I’ve been a pcist for 14 years and it’s already been a few years that Linux tempts me and Win11 … This is what today pushes me to abandon this OS for Linux

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Win11 is moneygrab monopoly garbage.

Make this happen.


Can no one be bothered to read and understand that in no way did I say Linux should not be supported? Nowhere. I questioned- and question - whether or not AGS will do so based on its verifiable status as a niche desktop OS. But you’re going to need some contortionist-level spinning to go from there to accusing me of saying they shouldn’t. Because I didn’t say that.

You literally came to a thread asking about Linux support saying “It’s niche”, “low% market share”, and “This thread isn’t very active because it’s not in the top posts”…

That is asshole behaviour. This is an active thread in that it constantly has people returning to it to check status of request. There are also a few different threads about this, so the numbers here don’t represent the larger request in general terms.

You think they aren’t supporting Linux because it’s a niche OS? Thanks Sherlock Holmes, none of us Linux users figured that out yet…such a great piece of advice.

Besides that, we are not asking for support (as in native support), the game ALREADY runs on Linux. There is a small quirk in the server connection and the EAC system implemented. However, if the dev team (which arguably constantly updates the EAC API) enabled the option we would like, it would be an easy way to ‘add linux support with adding linux support’ as thereis nothing else they would have to do and other issues would be expected and only fixed with a native version.

I’m glad you left because no one needs that crap.

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Isn’t it? And isn’t that the specific reason I said “maybe”?

If speaking plain and objective truth is that, then ok, sure.

I left? I’m not the one tossing insults around just because he doesn’t like objective facts being mentioned and suggesting that maybe AGS won’t spend whatever resources it requires- without once saying, suggesting, or implying they shouldn’t. That, Nuke, would be you.

@Luxendra Any news whit developer statement ?

Sadly after two months still no Linux EAC for New World :frowning:

It is as “easy” as checking a box on the developer portal, the bundled version of EAC already supports wine.

But oh wait, we had to wait for the Windows cheaters to dupe money by dragging the damn window around.


sad waterdev noises


still no fix…