Please add more SOLO content

Hello from germany,

As a shift worker I´m kinda struggeling doing anything besides daily gypsum and some gathering/farming…

I played like 20 MMORPGs before and NW definitely needs solo pve arena like in ESO or other rewarding pve activities which are solo able at any time.
I know people will come and say that its a multiplayer game blablabla - I know that. And ye I group up on weekends with my bro to do some stuff duo but Im no big group player and I know there are a bunch of people like me!
So some more pve stuff which doesnt force me into group play would be really needed because gathering all day gets boring as you can imagine.
Also dungeon group finder would be so helpful for upcoming content especially for people like me with just 1-2 buddys xD

Please hear me :3 Peace


Like Han Solo?

if player numbers keep falling like they are theyre gonna be forced to add more solo content.

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Hey there Fluffu, Thank you for your feedback and post. I have compiled a small report to send to the AGS team concerning your feedback/request for more solo content in the game.