Please add Priority Queue to allow us to play

Continuing the discussion from AFK Detection Update:

One major issue with this it that the current queue system penalized players.

Issue 1: Twice since launch I’ve timed out because I wasn’t in front of my keyboard 5 hours after entering the queue.

Solution: When you hit position 20 or so you have to press a button. Failing to do so will place you in a wait position and then clicking it moves you into a priority queue.

Issue 2: If the client flakes out.

Solution: Reconnects within 5 minutes also place you in the priority queue.

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Waited through 900 people. It took 3 and a half hours. At position 6 it just disconnected from the queue and said I needed to start over. The only company on this entire planet with more resources than anyone else should have had this figured out. I’m ready for my refund.

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