Please Add Swimming For more immersive gameplay

I feel like it’s a bit disappointing to not have swimming in the game, especially when there are quests that tell us to go into the water. It’s also very unsatisfying traveling and crossing the river only to walk in water slowly sinking and unbothered (that’s not realistic for anyone coming to say it is) It just makes the world less immersive.


Well, I find walking under water in heavy armor quite immersive…


Lmao, I am praying that’s sarcasm :rofl::rofl::rofl: but I get what u mean in terms of gravity in heavy amor

this game needs swimming like in Valheim. Nothing would change, but the character would flounder on the surface.

Try swim in real world in full plate armor and 1600 lbs in backpack xD

I agree with him. Swimming with armor would be the opposite of immersive…

But walking in water with light amor isn’t any better. If they want they can say heavy amor can’t swim, but I find it difficult getting used to walking under water in this game.

Did you ever tried to swim with shoes and clothes? Do it, and then we talk again ;)…

Well, am pretty sure a “sailor” which we are in this game, should be able to swim before being one.

We are ment to already know how to swim under the circumstances that something like us crashing happenes.

If that’s ur complaint then an easy fix would be making a character animation that just switches to under garments or swim wears?

But either way walking under water to reach my destination? Feels even more unrealistic

Well, Sailors (especially in the Armed Navy) are chosen by their lack of swimming skills. That’s because they tend to defend their ship harder.

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Never thought that was the case in the past tbh, but then it’d be contradictory since new world actually wants us to go under water for tressure, gathering. Directions etc. ><

It… it was a joke! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If anything, a recent deep datamine found a description of the shipyard in the code - it is likely that in the future we will have a personal ship as a means of transportation. It will become a prerequisite for visiting some areas of the game. We just need to be given it. but as I said earlier - the game would not interfere with the swimming system like in Valheim - the character just walks on the surface for a limited amount of time. it would be just like it is now, only we would cross the news not along the bottom, but along the surface. And soon, after the endurance ends, they drowned and suffocated. A great solution that will not spoil the game design and players will be left drilled by the presence of swimming.


absolutely hope they add swimming indeed.
crossing my fingers for the future

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Swimming, tons of inventory weight, immersion.
how does + = work?

Drop all inventory until your character barely has like 15lbs of stuff he carries, then cross the water.
Ar just walk and hope your armor isnt catching any rust.

best reason to upgrade to steel or higher. :wink:

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