Please add transmog!

Please add transmog or some ability to change your gear. There are many cool lower level weapons/armor that look really good and just get thrown away for gearscore. Also the ability to color/dye the costumes bought by the store. Having the same look as everyone else looks incredibly boring.

  • Yes, we really need this

Transmog would be amazing!

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They wont implement transmog while the store sells skins, if you want to transform your gear buy some at the store that’s the best your going to get, a company won’t penalize themselves in the wallet if they can make money

That is one of the first things I thought of. Hopefully they add this feature in a future patch. And hopefully very soon.

  • If a lot of people respond to this post, they will add to it

Definitely we need that, please :smiley:

I would like a collection system like in Elder Scrolls Online. You collect the look in an account-wide library and can apply it at reasonable cost to whatever.

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You could actually make more money from this because now there is more of a reason to buy them. Also dyes in the shop might actually be bought for this. It also promotes the usage of multiple costumes (I bought 2 myself) for mixing to create a personalized look. However it only goes so far with what is available now.

Like it is also in Guild Wars 2

W8 broooo. You will get your nice shiny store SOON. You will be able to spend your little $$$ on nice cosmetics. If they really give you the freedom to dye, and change your appearance no one will buy their cosmetics :smiley:

What is “Transmog”? Been playing MMO’s for over 25 years and never heard of this term.

Unless it’s from that piece of garbage called WoW which I will never play.

Why would they add transmog when they make moeny off skins kekw

WoW did it. There are paying exclusive cosmetics you can’t get in any other way, and skins of stuffs you can get by looting/crafting them.

Idk any game with store cosmetics that doesn’t allow you to also use in-game gear on your existing gear. They usually require an item you have to farm tokens for, or can buy in the shop if you’re too lazy.

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Not true my friend

Its actually in more games then just WOW but yeah lol that

Yes please, add a transmog system so that all gears has a skin to unlock once it’s equiped or bound to the character. But don’t ruin it by putting it behind a expensive paywall.

Guild Wars 2 has done it smart, one can easily farm transmutation charges for free in game or buy them in the chash shop.
And they still sell alot of outfits and skins in the chash shop so don’t play that card.
If the cash shop outfits/armor looks good enough people will still buy those even if they can transmog in game gears skins for free.

I would also advise a system that’s similar to Guild Wars 2

up for this…
coming in 2021 without this feature is so stupid, we have a bunch of example system, from wow or gw2