Please Address the scoring for OPR

Hello so before anyone yells and trolls and says your bad I’m not saying I should be winning on score all the time but as a bow user and doing the majority of the damage to drop someone it is frustrating to have kills stolen due to slow projectile speed and not even get points for it based on damage done or capturing a point so healers walkthrough and win every time in a mode where the reward is a score based this needs looking at IMO I wondered simply are their others who feel the same and if so can we please bring it to AGS full attention


Just be a rat and save penetrating shot for finishing anyone off :grinning:

I know its a pain though and it’s more or a fundamental issue with how scores are determined IMO

Ever heard of a period?

----> .

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Yes, clearly you are on yours.


you know you guys piss me off a lot I have grammar and literacy disabilities so get off ur high horse for once and consider there are other reasons for peoples faults and pointing it out to them on a daily cycle does nothing for their mental wellbeing thank you


Haha that’s awesome



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There should be at least 3 changes here:

  1. points for dmg
  2. points for heal
  3. points for cap contribution

at least you have a sense of humor that much I can appreciate…


You can spend a lot of the game being one of the few people actually taking/defending points, and getting loads of knock downs - only to lose the killing blow to a healer or ranged player, and end up near the bottom. Definitely needs some adjustments.


1000000% this drop 2 wraiths farm 1 brute snipe baron 2 times and 36 assist and I get guess what 34th place because GG =p

If you actually farmed the materials for the wraith and baron you would never be in 34th place. PVE farm is the easiest way to ensure you’re in the top 10 of every game and earn the rewards. It’s really all I do anymore in OPR until they clean up their netcoding/server lag.

Unpopular opinion: Sniping Baron should be a huge individual points contributor. Legit could be the reason you win the match and if points do not relay how much you contributed to your teams performance then what’s the point of them?


i agree man amount of times i clutched a win on a baron snipe to finish nearly dead last feels awesome and rewarding lol

you need to understand that writing system is a way of communication that represents how you speak, so hold your horses and get this right.

You do understand that I am aware of this and have actual disabilities that I struggle with daily and do my best to cater to and having that thrown in your face from people such as yourselves with clear superiority issues clearly as you feel the need to belittle me after I explained. moral of the story my punctuation and grammar may be terrible but I try hard to correct it along with my dyslexia and having to spell-check every word you still know what I’m saying and I am clearly not a fool so do not attempt to clown me like one thanks.

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having disabilities doesn’t allow you to be rude to others.

how was I rude when I responded to him being rude about the exact same thing? I clearly responded to him in an assertive but non-aggressive manner regarding the fact that this issue plagues me daily and is infuriating as if I don’t know my writing looks like a 3-year-old spelled it but I’m damn sure I can do things at a level m, any others could only dream of in compensation for where I lack but thanks again for the mental health check these are really useful for my stability =)

I think you need to leave the OP alone. You’re the one being rude.