Please Address the scoring for OPR

I feel that, I actually dont want to see my kills anymore, I just wanna see how many people I downed so I can see how I did.

I do at least 600k Damage in every OPR and down many people but get almost no kills and also no points. I dont do PVE except Baroness and capturing a point gives 50 points, thats it. idk how points are calculated but it doesnt really makes sense.

I rather want to see:
18 downed - 600k Damage

instead of:
0 Kills - 600k Damage (oh and you are bad because you got almost no points even if you have stolen the baroness, captured several points, safed teammates from death and did the most damage - except you stand there and spam left click and Q, R, F when Healng Skills are up)



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I agree that rewarding kill stealers need to change. Too many points are rewarded to those that snipe the kills, rather than those that do the work to put someone into downstate. You could take someone from 100 to 0, but you get zero credit if someone (often a mage or healer) staff light attack and snipes the kill. It’s frustrating.

I would be ok if they start showing the downed stat, so you can see how many people you’ve downed vs killed. But the point discrepancies need to be changed so you don’t over-reward those that tap the left click faster with their staff.

They need to make it so the person that did the most damage to the enemy in the previous 10 seconds gets the kill.

Either that, or remove ranking entirely. List everyone by their Kills, Knockdowns, Damage, healing, points captured etc.

Currently, if you want to be anywhere near the top of the scoreboard, you have to hold back your attacks until you see a downed person - allowed you to swiftly strike & execute them before anyone else. Ridiculous…

You’re missing tanks… points for damage mitigated




This and This.


Grow up man. He has explained his situation, it’s legit, leave him be.

Asserting a strong boundary isn’t rude.

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Your grammar and punctuation is better than many examples I see every day on the net. I know you’d hear this alot, it may sound condescending as well, the people that care about spelling and grammar while able to understand your point aren’t worth your time spent worrying. The fact that you’re aware of your shortcomings and are working on them every day makes you a dozen times a bigger man than a “pedantic Percy”.

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its called a “full stop” in English

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