Please Address THESE QoL Bug Fix/Improvements


I’ve been playing this game non-stop for about three months. I REALLY love the game. Well done! There are, however, a few long-standing bugs that I wish you would dedicate a portion of your time to address, PLEASE. Listing them here:

  1. Leaving instances like Genesis, Lazarus, or OPR and the CHAT BREAKS. It is incredibly annoying to want to re-engage with the rest of your server after an instance or even recruit a new player for another run and then your messages are invisible forcing you to re-log. Fix this already. It’s a terrible terrible bug.

  2. The map frequently breaks and you cannot see the status of Corrupted Portals. We are forced to farm these stupid things as they are the only source of crafting materials for the end-game content, yet the map doesn’t allow you to track where they reside or if they are currently available. I have had several instances where I organized CP runs on my server, and then on the way to the zone my map would break and now I can’t even see their location and I’m supposed to be the person driving the train. Fix this already. It’s a terrible terrible bug.

  3. Along with number 2, There are many times when the map actually is working, where I spend azoth and teleport to a zone, and run to the location on the map only to find that the Corrupted Portal is bugged on “Defeat All Enemy Waves” with no enemies on the map. This seems rather simple to fix; may I suggest say a 10-15 minute reset timer on every Corrupted Portal where if a portal was STARTED by an individual or group and has not been completed in x-amount of time, it will respawn itself back to the beginning. Again, we are forced to farm these stupid things for end game content, yet they are often broken - in addition to wasted azoth & time running to a broken portal. Fix this already. It’s a terrible terrible bug.

  4. PVP combat can be VERY difficult for melee users. I cannot tell you how many times I’m stuck to someone’s back like glue yet all of my attacks do not register hits. I consider myself to be an advanced player, yet you just cannot reliably damage targets that are moving away from you without utilizing CC. Just can’t do it. If there is no crowd control, they can avoid nearly all damage just by running. It’s very disheartening.

  5. Dodge responsiveness is not good. I don’t really have too much issue with the dodging mechanic or stamina in general, but I feel like it is painfully slow to execute. Not sure if it’s just trying to complete an animation or what, but there are some bosses where unless you are actively holding off from DPSing so your dodge is faster, there is not enough time to react to an ability with a dodge roll. I would greatly prefer if the dodge command would literally make your character stop what they’re doing and execute the roll. You want to use the dodge roll to mitigate something, but it often takes TOO LONG.

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My favorite thing about Corrupted Portals is being in the zerg, racing to each one to get credit and after the portal you just closed dissipates you get trapped in a tree trunk and have to /unstuck and still miss credit on the next portal. Its great

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Yea, I wish CPs tracked participation by team contribution. That would at least stop some people from not getting credit. I have it down pretty good for myself, but I know a lot of people miss on tentacles & carapaces a lot.

Let’s add ‘fix the damn compass’ to that list.

This is one of the biggest flaws of combat right now. It just feels extremely clunky through the use of too many startup & recovery frames on pretty much every action in the entire game from weaponswapping to dodging to using abilities.

In general the way the animations are forced make the combat feel extremely clunky and if you add in the newest buffering changes, it’s borderline unplayable at times. Sometimes your character keeps attacking up to 2 additional times long after you stopped hitting the associated key while you want to actively dodge an incoming attack.

Weaponswapping either straight up doesn’t work at all, or does work but doesn’t show the equipped weapon correctly in the UI. It’s honestly puzzling to me how this has not been adressed with a hotfix yet as it’s been a huge issue for a very long time at this point. There are many other weapon specific issues connected to the same root problem aswell.

All of those issues transformed the combat system from one of the strongest points of the game in Alpha & Beta to the absolute weakest aspect of the game 4 months into launch. We definitely need to see some major improvements here sooner than later.

Yes, everything feels like there is at least a minor delay. Would definitely make gameplay better if it were more crisp.


Chat breaking is almost certainly not a bug as it worked fine upon OPR coming into the game, than suddenly broke. I can only imagine a dev got shit on while using his AGS DEVS SUB 30 IQ void gaunt and then trash talked in global, leading to an emergency stealth patch.

Okay maybe not that exact scenario but I do think its actually intended.

The rest is just yeah, can’t rehash those for the 50millionth time and get my hopes up.

The amount of times I’ve used my perforate and then auto’d 2, or even more times while SPAMMMMMMMMMMMMING the shit out of weapon swap, only to “have the bow out” already is laughable and something that would be in the games we used to pass around we made in 1 day in grade 11.

Hope to see some input on these from the developers. I’m overall a happy player, but some of these are just inexcusable bugs that they’ve been around so long.

Bump - more attention to these would be great.

Yeah, where’s the bug fixes guys? Chop Chop… stop stalling…

Anybody on the PTR see any of these items fixed in test server?


not a single thing on ure list is fixed combat is still unplayable

Bump for attention

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