Please AGS. Be strict and perma ban

Please. Perma ban the cheaters/dupers. Also if possible do a IP/HW (Hardware) ban. A cheater is always going to cheat.


They were very strict with the last ones. Like, permaban for duping 50 potions strict. So I think they will be harsh with this one too.

Also seems like they caught it early since it’s not like the last one that was known and going on for several days.


Anyone knows what was exploit?

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which is strange, imagine someone did this once by accident :upside_down_face:

Lets hope so. They should also do a ip/hw check and ban IP or hardware just incease some duped on alts.

Can confirm, they were VERY strict with the consumable bans.

They banned players that just had them in their possession, didn’t even do it. They banned players that accidentally done it, and intentionally done it.

They’re stricter then they used to be.

One done it intentionally, that I know of, and he was forced to make another character. Another, unsure for 100% what happened to him. Kinda fell off of communication after he got banned.


This makes me so happy :smiley:

I’d sure hate to be someone who accidentally did something and got smoked for it, but I’d imagine it’s nearly impossible to really tell who had the intent to dupe or not when looking at it from AGS’s side. I’d imagine the likelihood of it happening by accident is probably pretty darn small as well.

That all said, I’m glad to hear they are much more strict these days. Hopefully they catch the folks doing it quickly before too much of that (presumably) gold makes its way out into the server economies.

Its fine.Every thing is fine…I… Swear… i’m sure this is the last one.Got to be.No way There will be a 13th dupe/exploit whatever number we are on now…I’m Sure someone won’t find another exploit on the “fresh” server starts right? surely…

The cope!!

Please let me know what game doesn’t have dupe glitches. Almost every game I know has had some! New World is no exception, but I think they’ve done a good job dealing with them in the past.

phew huff that copium…huff it hard my guy.

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Please answer the question. What MMOs don’t have dupe glitches?

Wiiiiiitch, witch, burn them at the stake!

Really do, please.

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Especially those that exploited the dupe massively.

Some may have experienced this ‘bug’ accidentally while selling stuff.

Dont worry - they get a 24 hour ban - everything is fine XD

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In the past they’ve gone from 1 week bans to permanent bans.

Not the point.Fresh servers on the way and dupes/exploits STILL being found.Are they trying to repeat launch? You think they are doing a good job dealing with it i don’t.I’ve seen how they handled cheaters.Its a slap at best.IP/hardware ban people.It’s a quick google search for a cheap account.

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They have done a good job till now.

Think you are way to hard on the Devs regarding this. The ones that you should blame are the players that greedily abused this dupe without any discretion.

Nope.I’ve watched this same thing happen for an entire year.Make it hurt or it won’t stop.

How is that not the point? First of all, we know literally nothing about the glitch, it could be something super bad or just a precaution to take down trading. Literally every MMO I’ve ever played has had dupe issues and the recent dupes were dealt with pretty quickly.

And yes, I do think they are doing a pretty good job with stopping dupes. Permanently banning an account is a pretty severe punishment.

Please tell me what dupe glitch lasted for a year?