Please AGS. Be strict and perma ban

Sure. Let’s go back to this.

What dupe lasted a year?

Damn. Here we are again. Just like last year. Sadge.

Of course i blame these sucker players! Last big dupe exploit, couple of months ago, a lot of players in a company i played for, duped the shit out of this game - all of these pigs got 24 - 48 hour temp ban and laughed about it on dc - so i blame the devs for it aswell ^^. I wish they would do hardware or ip bans but ill predict this will never happen…

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ugh…really? You know thats not what was ment.The slaps on wrists that i watched cheaters get over the year since launch.Watching these people buy new accounts and play like nothing ever happened.Multiple times.This saying has been around a while since launch so I’m sure u know it already.

Cheat early,cheat often.I wounder why we say that around here? Harsh punishments or no trust.

We as players can only speculate. But for each dupe that got fixed it gets one step better. Also we can only belive and hope they are quick to come with solution and bans.

This.This times 1000.If your not in the Discords they use you won’t know how easy people got off.How they got to keep their dupes ect by transfering it to others or using work arounds like “family share”.Watching people laugh about it and come back scott free with duped loot.

IP/hardware ban them ags.Don’t repeat what just happened less than a year ago.

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We are absolutely taking this extremely seriously.


Thanks. Please do look into IP/HW bans if you have that option. Just if you did this with a few the message would spread life fire in dry grass and this would make em think twice before trying something like this.


Great! I’ve heard stories in the past of dupers getting short bans, and when they got their account back, all of their duped items were still in their inventory, free for them to use.

I don’t have proof, just hearing a couple first hand and second hand accounts. Please ensure situations like this never occur in the future (if they’ve in fact occurred in the past.)

I imagine that intent could be measured easy enough by looking at whether they repeated the action.

If something happens once off, it can easily be the unintended result of a game bug. Which lets be honest, dupes after updates are a result of a game bug caused. When the action is being repeated by the same user then there’s obvious intent.

I find the whole thing really frustrating, and blame AGS more than anyone for it. I stopped playing a year ago because I was sick of after every weekly update their being a new game breaking bug and/or dupe and all trading being disabled, wars becoming unplayable again etc. I came back because I was told they had sorted their shit out and the game was better, which while I admit it is better its still pretty annoying that first update since I came back the exact same thing that made me stop playing a year ago is happening.

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i dunno about you but I would report it pretty quick if I accidently duped items. the harsh stance on duping is exactly why people would report it.

the last dupes were pretty extensive since they were happening for a long time which made it hard to track everything. they seem to have implemented new systems to catch it early these days which will no doubt make removing affected items alot easier.

Actually, it’s pretty simple to tell who did it on purpose and who didn’t. The player that did it once quite likely was just doing their crafting, whereas the player who did it multiple times was quite likely exploiting. Banning someone for playing the game is overly harsh and unjust.

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Actually, the crafting bug…you couldn’t have done it by accident.

You need 1 of each tier of trophy in all 3 of your houses, which made you roll 600s everytime.

Literally, can’t do that by accident. Insanely easy to tell who done it intentionally.

Under no circumstance would you have done it accidentally. Ban EVERYONE that done it, permanently. Set an example to the players. If something is found, stop and report it…don’t abuse it and spread it.


I agree with this! As for the penalties, I think it should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for severity, but the most important thing to me as an avid crafter is for the illegitmate crafts to be removed as much as AGS can.

I was unaware of how the exploit worked. Thank you for explaining, darkdayy. I completely agree that this exploit had to be intentionally done and could not happen accidentally. Permanent bans to account and hardware would be the order of the day.

Well that’s just great. They were presumed guilty as a mule toon for the exploiter?

I can see how AGS doesn’t want to try to discern motive, they just ban you if you happen to have duped goods. Did you buy it off the Trading Post without knowing? Too bad because exploiter accomplices probably did the same to try to hide.

More and more, it is simply safer to play MMOs alone. Don’t trade with anyone, don’t use the trading post. Heck, don’t even talk to anyone. But who knows, they can still mass report you anyway and get you banned.

seriously but u guys can’t give an answer about bans each time. Just close that topic. It’s like hiding your own mistakes that are randomly flat.

They make mistakes, there are only cases when they don’t make mistakes, but they keep collecting money for a long time, just trading a lot of money, they get banned.

So why do you guys have max capped?
and look at this random ban LoL Cheater :P!!! - Twitch

they not come back this game because of dev team

Not true at all, I know a lot of people who got banned during that one. People who did like 50-100(of stacks), there were several extensions while they investigated but none of them got banned permanently, iirc they were gone 2 weeks - some people kept some of the duped items as well, and all of the money.

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