Please, AGS, make a short-term roadmap for NW

Hi guys, I’ve been a lvl 60 player for almost 3 weeks now and already spent 360 hours on the game and I would like to share some thoughts.

First and foremost, I would like to start saying that this game is great. I haven’t had fun like this in an MMO in years and this game came to remind me of the forgotten feeling of grinding, PVP and friendship. And because of the desire for this game to last for years I think the community is so critical, and so I will be.

I believe the current state of the game is crucial to its success or its complete failure. The amount bugs, incompleted or broken systems are alarming. The progression speed is so fast that now the majority of the players on every server are between lvl 50 and 60, the daily resources gattering routine is becoming less and less enjoyable every day. We have like 5 ou 6 Orichalcum routes in the entire map, for all players that are in this stage of the game that we have to find Void Ore and craft our legendary resources (Asmodeum, Runic Leather, etc). In my server every Orichalcum note is contested by 2 or 3 players in prime time, since I started gathering Orichalcum I got only 1 Void Ore (gattered around 30k ~ 40k ores), so this is really a overwhelming and discouraging thing to do. And I didn’t even touch the point that in 1 month a significant percentage of the players already have the best equipment and the best weapons possible.

On 60, the economics start to hit hard when u don’t sell much products on market (the separated markets for each city makes this even harder), the crafting taxes and equipment repair cost takes about 1000 coins every day. In PVP/territory management of the game we also have big problems, exploits and lag on wars, the disbalancing and one-sided servers that makes the game feels punishing to the losing factions (250 azoth minimum for a simple fast travel, the difficulty to made a comeback and start conquering some territoes to enjoy shared vaults and discounts, etc).

So, I think AGS should prepare a public and detailed roadmap of changes and fixes that she is planning to do in short-term with NW, this game needs balancing and patches ASAP. With so many problems and frustations in every single aspect of the game is pretty much impossible to enjoy the game not concerned that in 2 or 3 weeks you’ll be probably considering stop playing because the game is not fun anymore.

I’ve been checking here frequently waiting for some kind of mass patch to fix issues. Games been out a hot minute, and I think this is the stage where it becomes a situation of them “cash-flipping” us or creating a stable game.

Personally, I hope they listen and make some radical changes and quickly. A roadmap would be good, quick changes better. And for the love of glob keep quality controlling before release.

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