Please AGS we need trasnfer/new merges

We need this at this month update, my server is dead and I know than we have a lot of others servers on the same way, honestly if the merges/transfers din’t come with this update I’ll quit the game. No reason to improve when we didn’t have life in the game.


Our server still getting around 700 players at peak, but already feels like it will be dead soon enough. If they won’t rush this thing with merges/transfers, than that’s it, after second merge wave, there won’t be enough players playing in world sets and game will just die out.

Server mergers should be free and available every 30-60 days… its bull that you get stuck on toxic server of gold selling companies who cheat and trade territories just to gain the system so they dont lose their real life income…

we should be able to leave and boycott these servers if Amazon is just going to let them run rampant and ruin an entire server community for anyone who wants to play the game as 1v1v1 faction game as it was intended, not a 1 faction pays out the lowest to join them so they can keep their RL cash flow.


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