Please allow the storage shed database to have double the number of items in it

Storage sheds having both a weight limit and a hidden total number of items limit, makes for a poor QoL for crafters wanting to store item mods, patterns, etc as well as the mats to craft these items in the same shed. Please consider doubling the item limit, not the weight. Thank you



agreed, stick with just a weight limit.

I suspect it has something to do with data integrity and the underlying database, code, or both. Hopefully it’s a short term limitation and will be corrected in the future.



Yea seriously… come the heck on. 500 items?

I am aware that it may take time and finagling, I also know that someone employed by Amazon should be able to easily manage this. Although that person may not be employed by AGS currently. I do sincerely hope that it gets addressed. They definitely need to manage it better, evident by the new item numbers created in the last patch. evidenced by the duplicate item types not being stackable. but that is another issue entirely. I hope this current patch actually converts either the old or the new numbers to the same without item loss.

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