Please allow us to change faction gear stats more than once!

It’s already a grind getting faction gear, nowhere does it state that you can only change stats once either. I bought a medium chest piece and it would not make sense to me, spending all that time grinding faction tokens and gold, just to buy another medium chest piece.

Please give us the ability to at least change the stats on the gear we worked hard for more than once. <3


I always assumed you could change it more than once… then I tried to change my armor after a respec… nope… Why sell the armor at inflated price of gold and faction tokens, offer various tokens to change the armor attributes, and not be crystal clear you can only change the attributes once. The wording says destroys gems and is permanent, however its was not clear such a change could of attributes could only be done once.

I agree because of the cost and work it took to get this armor, it should offer unique flexibility, which would not impact game balance, as GS is only 520

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