Please, allow us to save old gear skins

as the title says, i would like if we could save the appearance of any old gear that we already equipped.
i mean, sure, better gear is nice and all, but some of them are just ugly or don’t match at all, so i would like if any equipment we get and use, we could save the skin to use in any other gear we get in the future
we already can use transmog from the cash shop or rewards from twitch, but IMO, most of them are hideous, so allow us to transmog any equipment we already equipped


I had a really cool helmet with horns, got a new helmet that was waaay better but looked like a dirty piece of cloth…

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pretty sure they will have a transmog microtransaction available.


I’ve lost count how many threads I’ve seen asking for transmog options for armor we collect. It’s got to be a popular request.

Hopefully AGS are paying attention.

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