Please Allow us transfer from Return to Aeternum servers to other FRESH START SERVERS!

So you are god? ^^ If it was the other way around, someone else would say: “Everybody know that this would happen!” XD This isn´t a argument for anything.

Hope you guys get soon a transfer or merge from your event servers. Don´t know why NW staff wants a bad advertisment with such a little thing… and i really hope they think again how this FSS to Legacy will work, because i don´t think players want their chars splitted on different servers, if (!) they can´t stay on a healthy FSS.
There were some people in the past after the big merges who had 2 chars on one server playable.

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Dog you got scammazed by streamers + AGS trying to put on dog and pony show only its even more cringe than it sounds.
Major fumble on this event and im sure they are feeling the pain from this mistake.
I will say that I believe RTA will get merged with FS eventually. Why hasn’t it happened already? Scheduling, they surely didnt expect to merge fresh servers in only a few weeks, and with turkulon and other patches coming out its possible they just dont have the time to do it right this second, although a simple yes or no would surely make us all feel better in the meantime. I hope you come back to a toon on a populated server with a friendly community.

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As AGS looks they dont care or they were not want to understand is why me and my whole crew is leaving RTA server until this server is merged or allow us to transfer, we have like 700 pop on Overlord server in SA , is going to loose more than 200 players who have played since day one… im talking with another companies we all going to leave when the population reach like 100 people on RTA SERVERS maybee AGS can see what we are trying to explain…

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Yup. AGS, where the merge or transfers at? I quit playing the game too. I only just check forums now and for the next few days trying to find out if there is a remedy to this in the mix this week. If not, im out, probably permanently.

I think they know by now your position on this.

WHAT ??? This is a joke… Fresh start can transfer to legacy but not to other fresh start? This is not what Amazon promised us when releasing fresh start. They told us fresh start would transfer to fresh start in a future update… and not transfer to legacy servers.

This is completely not fair and a scam decision, because this is just a silly attempt from Amazon to evade legacy servers from dying

I dont want to fresh start to be forced to transfer to legacy again … while i wiped my character on legacy to play on a fresh start. As you already know the legacy servers are still suffering from duped incidents and unbalanced economy/territority, we all went to fresh start for a clean state and no way we are willing to join a legacy server.

Its not fair… fresh start transfers/merges should be possible as PROMISED…



What do you mean? What did they promise us? I don’t recall them saying anything about transfers between fresh starts. They did say fresh start servers would be merged if population dropped.


Uh why would we delete our legacy character to join fresh start world to come back to legacy ?

Yes and they saying they will open transfers to legacy so the pop will be dropped.

I have no idea why someone would delete a legacy character when they were giving a 3rd character slot.


There is no benefit/point in having multiple characters… the grind is already endless on one

Multiple characters is good for bots and gold/shard selling …

That’s not true. People who participate in wars have multiple accounts so they can war on different servers.

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Thats nonsense … I already need all day to play on one account, doing all chest runs and gypsums, daily crafting, faction quests, selling and stuff. Not even talking about pvp and wars yet. Because of the stupid daily/weekly caps for example.
People who do wars are not having multiple characters, or they would have to war with cheap gear

Why would someone do the same on another account…

If you don’t know that this regularly happens in new world then I don’t know what to tell you. War players created 3rd characters just so they could also war on FSS. They are their alt accounts.


War on FSS ? You cant war on all servers… why wanna war on other servers and even have company on different servers. I mean why war in general, wars are kinda random and useless. And its limited/capped already, Not everyone participate in wars because pvp is broken

Are you saying that there aren’t wars on FSS?

There are wars, but nobody play on FSS just for wars? You can do wars in legacy. Wars are not a big part of the game, they happen rarely and not reward/change much. To me it doesnt matter who own a territority, it shouldnt matter for anyone… the bonuses are useless

If you say so. But you are wrong. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean the players who have been warring for the last year on legacy servers with multiple accounts aren’t also warring on FSS. That’s what war loggers play the game for.

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You mean warring with multiple accounts on same server i guess. But no reason to fucking make 2 accounts in 2 different worlds just to war

No, they have 3 characters on 3 different servers so they can participate in more wars each day. Not on the same server.

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