Please Allow us transfer from Return to Aeternum servers to other FRESH START SERVERS!

AGS doing the right thing,stop spamming the forum nonstop.
If they are not gonna allow fresh server to fresh transfer which would be smart and u guys should accept it and move on.

This is purely due to the fact that you want FSWs to die. Stop responding to my posts.

If they allow transfers that would make more problems since hardcore players which is playing on fresh would have a chance to hop on servers and kill it,a smart person which played this game enough should seen why they shouldnt allow it.
I mean u wouldnt like to see a map where a one guild dominates and then players who doesnt want to fight against them keep leaving the server right? Do you think this fresh players can handle those hardcore players when they are losing to 5 min war’s?

Thats about 2.5hrs farming turkey a day just for the 5 daily kills lol RTA player cant even experience the event, doesnt help the RTA event is basically over so all the content creators just gonna go back to their mains if they still wanna play.

why doe?




Where does it say that u can transfer between fresh servers? they are doing what they said at the start,they’re opening them to public which means u can create a char that doesnt mean u can transfer between fresh servers. I am not sure why you are making big of a deal?

This is the right direction. No distinction between RTA and other FSS. So that wont get in the way anymore. So when they inevitably open FSS for lateral transfers, RTA should be able to transfer like the rest of em.


you do know that they didnt change anything,they are doing what they said only opening them to public no transfer is allowed.

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Did you not read the last line?

? they are still not allowing transfers I dont know what is your issue

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I don’t see anything about transfers in that update? I would like an estimate of when I can transfer my character to a legacy server to join my friends.

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yep they are doing what they said,they are still not allowing any transfer and the guy loses his mind as if ags changed anything there

Clearly, eventually they will. There will be merges and transfers for FSW. You’ll have two possibilities:

  • Transfer to “Legacy” world.
  • Transfer to another FSW.

It’s also been confirmed multiple times now that RtA servers are included in this.

You haven’t been proven to be wrong about RtA servers and are wrong about everything else.

stop miss informing people there is statement about it already.

Complete misinterpretation. Clearly was talking about the present, not future. Learn the difference.

Whatever works for you to sleep^^

Klas its like you think its normal or expected to play on a server with 200 people on it within 2 days of it starting.

Its a special situation that requires nuance that you apparently dont have.

Because special situations occur like a server dying so hard it has `100 people online.

WHy do you guys fight people who are just trying to play the game like you are?

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Its not a special situation. Everybody know that this would happen! I dont like people that Demanding something and go into game forums and make post after post!