Please balance weapons!

There are a few weapons in this game that NEED some balancing (this is all opinionated, I’m sure others will feel differently about what I’m about to say)! Some of these weapons allow players to become untouchable or unkillable in close quarter combat as well as ranged combat.

The Void Gauntlet for starters. This weapon can beat ANY melee DPS in any 1v1 situation, and if paired with a lifestaff with a mix of INT, FOC & CON. You are almost unkillable.

Second weapon I think needs a bit of a nerf is the rapier. The rapier is a really good weapon for any ranged player to get out of those tight situations but I think the cooldowns on the riposte as well as the evade are a bit too short. You can get out of ANY sticky situation over & over and remain untouchable while still performing your bow/musket abilities and doing massive amounts of damage. You have almost endless haste to run away & kite on top of the low cooldowns. I use the rapier from time to time & consider it to be over powered when stacked with refreshing/refreshing evasion perks on gear w/ hearty on ring.

And lastly, I think the spear could use a bit of a buff. It just doesn’t do enough when it is compared with other melee weapons. It is very technical & can be difficult to use against rapier or any strength weapon (with grit). The only AOE abilities it has are very underwhelming and the other abilities are too technical for it to be a viable weapon in war. This weapon is only good for 1v1 combat and even then can’t go against great axe, hatchet & war hammer users.

All other weapons in my opinion seem to be somewhat balanced when it comes to PVP & war. Being able to shoot through fort walls, rocks, trees etc. with the musket however needs to be fixed as well (as well as the aimbot you can get with the musket).

Anyway, this is all just my opinion on the matter and if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read! :slight_smile:

nah, evade CD is fine. You need full refreshing to take advantage of the rhythmic light attack chain even in pve, and it synergizes well in pvp. Don’t touch it. - The haste/extra stamina on musket/bows is way more insane than evade CD.

Riposte CD should’ve never been buffed that hard for starters, they should’ve buffed the base time to 20s> 15sbuff instead of 20s > 12s. I’ve been running rapier since beta/launch and was really surprised when riposte got buffed, didn’t really need it, maybe slightly.

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Agreed, evade isn’t that big of a deal. Riposte on the other hand is a little much since it can counter any incoming damage ranged or not.

Only thing I agree with you here is rapier. And only that the mobility is a bit too strong right now. Its so strong that people are calling for nerfs on other weapons without realizing its rapier mobility thats pushing them over the edge. As far as VG goes the biggest value comes from the damage buff it gives your team. The rest of the kit is completely out playable, it has no mobility and relies on landing a scream. For the spear I wonder if you haven’t learned how to use it properly. By this i mean build, skills, perks, stat distribution. If your suffering with damage use perforate and skewer. BIG BIG damage plus the ability to fortify off perforate if you get the perk. Sweep into perforate is far superior than coup de gras. You don’t even need to land a sweep, perforate will naturally track opponents if you land the first hit. Skewer is the best weapon bleed damage in the game, provides mobility, and hits fairly decent on its own. I recommend sweep as the third ability as vault kick is clunky and not a hard stun. Plus sweep into perforate is a guaranteed 3 hits plus a stagger from perforate. This will burst squishes down almost entirely if you build right. I will say its difficult to use against grit but you can just properly time the sweep. If you absolutely are struggling with this use vault kick to guarantee a sweep or other combo. Keep in mind each weapon has strengths and weakness. Spear excels against squishier targets, its not meant to beat a GA head to head but it can if you play properly. Hope this helps.

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