Please buff hatchet throwing tree

So now that the hatchet throwing tree rework is in live. It feels better to use but the damage reduction from the initial PTR build is just too much. Infected throw is getting maybe 2k crits now. Every other range weapon completely out classes the throwing hatchet which is shame since it’s a fun build. It needs a damage buff to be viable.


So you want to pair throwing hatchet with bow and musket?

This tree is supposed to help finish targets that are trying to run away, it’s not meant to deal loads of damage.

Why would I use it to finish targets that are running away? The bow and musket are already better at the role in every way.

Because you would be using a Hatchet, maybe?

Right. That’s what I’m saying it needs a damage buff. At the moment, it does single target debuffs but lacks damage. Other weapons already fill this role better so there isn’t a real reason to use it.

Let’s use logic instead of preferences and emotions. There are certain weapons which logically have specific goals just like irl.

This is a video game, sorry to say. Logic doesn’t really come in to effect as this isn’t real life.

As a throwing hatchet main, I said before they released it to live that the throwing hatchet will be useless due to the fact it tickles people in PvP currently. The only reason it’s being used right now is because people want to test the new changes. In about a month when people wonder why no one is using it again, I hope they’ll tweak it again and up the damage a bit. Sure… it’s a lot easier to use, but ease of use doesn’t nullify the fact that you’re going to be hitting people for even less damage than before PTR even came out, and that was already laughable. Honestly at this point I’d prefer the old throwing hatchet with actual damage.

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The weapon needs to be viable in its own right. It isnt.


2k dmg is pretty good for an ability that also applies disease and weaken.

Says who?

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